Monday, March 17, 2014

Finally, inspiration

It's not my historical scathing political commentary, but I find my "give a shit factor" to be rather low these days.

Bluesun's  "Dust Bowl" post needs a sound track.


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Stop me if you've heard this one...

Three Choir boys break into the house of an off duty police officer.
Sound familiar?
Said officer is awakened by the sound of breaking glass.  The police officer shoots at all three, kills one.
The news this evening refers to the recently deceased as the "alleged home invader". Let's see, breaking and entering and the room temperature choir boy is in dahouse!  "Alleged" seems a stretch.

Two of the perps escaped. Whether they had extra orifices is unknown at this point.
If so, they'll turn up at Ben Taub Hospital before too long.

Another case of really poor victim selection.*  The house was occupied. This is Texas. The odds of the homeowner having a gun of some type is extremely high. The intended victim happened to be a police officer.
And, there's this little thing called the "Castle Doctrine" which does not require the homeowner to run-hide nor ask what the uninvited "guest's" intentions are prior to shooting him dead.

Kudos to the cop for removing one miscreant from the gene pool.  
Eventually the vunables will decided the risk is to great and maybe a starter job at McDonalds isn't so bad after all, or they will be thinned out by "natural" selection.  The crime rate in states with armed citizens continues to decline.

* I am surprised that no Democrat strategist has seized upon the obvious need for a federal government funded training program for the vunable home invaders to make better choices in their victims. The whole background check / gun registration / gun confiscation thing just isn't working out.
The program obviously will need funding of at least one billion dollars, but they'll settle for 455 million if Al Sharpton is made director of the program.  Oh, and Charlie Rangel too.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Putin plays chess

Obama plays checkers tiddly winks diddles himself.
I apologize for that mental image.
Secretary of State, john kerry.  Could we have a bigger moron in that position.
Kerry fumbled his way through an interview on the Obama administrations apparent inactivity over this past weekend in response to Russia's invasion of the Crimea.
The administration has been "talking" with our EU allies, formulating a plan, to paraphrase.
Interpretation being they have no effing idea what to do.
I know! Sanctions!  Freeze Russia's overseas bank accounts! In particular, Putin's!
rotsa ruck.
Nah, they wouldn't. Would they?  Russia would never dump their US treasuries.
Obama has absolutely no where to go on this.  This will be his Jimmy Carter legacy.
Poland is particularly pissed right now considering we promised a missile defense system and reneged on the deal.

The US and EU financial systems are so tenuous and screwed up, it wouldn't take much to tip the first domino to create a world wide financial melt down.
Would China pig pile?
In my estimation, most likely.  The people peasants of Russia and China have lived under poverty stricken oppression for so many generations they are no threat to the ruling classes in their respective countries.  The ruling classes could care less about the standard of living of the peasants.
In the estimation of the ruling elite of Russia and China, they personally have nothing to lose.
The obama administration and the EU are toothless.
Even Valerie Jarret will not be able to save obama from this catastrophe.

In the best of cases, this will not turn out well.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Texas Primaries tomorrow

Boy politics is a dirty business.
One of the things I wish the Founders had the foresight to restrict: If you lie the government it's perjury. If politicians lie to you, it's politics.

I'm going to vote between 10 and 20 times tomorrow without committing voter fraud.  So few vote in the primaries that my one measly vote counts for somewhere between 10 and 20 of the eligible voters.

Let's see...which of you sucks less. Which of you is less corruptable, or corrupted. Which of you is less of a stupid mook that will buy into damn near anything a lobbyist tells while waving dollar bills in front of you?

One thing that keeps truly good people from running is your opponents can spread the most pernicious lies about you without concern of slander or libel.  Political blogging would be a lot less fun, but I think it might be a positive thing if the candidates had some skin in the game with respect to the muck they rake.