Monday, June 22, 2015

Pruning a Queen Anne Palm

Went down to the family house on the water this past weekend.
The first part of my "Father's Day" was spent addressing the "maintenance issues" I'd volunteered for.
Item 3, prune the Queen Anne Palm.
Hmmm, doesn't look so bad. Kinda high, but I think I can haul my 240 lb carcass up the extension ladder and cut those few dead fronds.  Easy Peasy.
K, done. Nope wait. There's another one. K, no wait, there's another one.
50 or 60 palm fronds later I was done.
This palm tree really likes where it is planted. Another few years and the 40 foot extension ladder isn't going to cut it.  I will volunteer to sacrifice a chain saw chain to cut it down, but I won't be going back up that ladder again.
Temp was not so bad, but the humidity was hovering around 150%.
I got down off the ladder at a svelte 230 just from water weight loss.

I am not complaining. My brother volunteered to replace the bait well pump in the boat which I replaced last year. snigger, snort, bwahahahhaha.
Actually, when I say, "I replaced" I mean the mighty Sonnage, with apple crushing grip strength*, replaced the pump with my astute tutelage.
The bait well pump is down in the bilge in a nearly inaccessible location.

Have fun Bro!

Doesn't look so bad in the pic, does it.  Cell phone pics are deceptive like that. If you only knew.

* I am not making this up. He is thin as a bean pole and he can crush an apple in his hand.
As fair warning, do not let him get ahold of you....especially your nether regions.


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