Friday, November 30, 2012


A 1998 remake.
Yet another movie on the TV that I have not watched because I was reading all you hoser's blogs.

hint: Mathew Broderick

Name the movie.

I bet Guff gets it first.

Santa Always Knows Where You Are

Teke posted about the Christmas Season and it got me to thinking about a Christmas past for some reason.  Must have been the line about spending too much money. I am prone to do that.

A year or two after my second divorce, my Ex and my two youngins were headed out to Smithville to spend Christmas with my former Brother-in-law's family. My Ex was in financial straits and I wasn't doing a whole lot better , but somehow Santa had to come through.
My daughter expressed to me her worry that Santa wouldn't know where they were on Christmas Eve.
I told her not to worry, Santa would find her and her brother.
I shopped, and wrapped and boxed and fedex'ed to former BIL's house so that the two best results of my life would not be disappointed come Christmas morning.  I spent money I didn't have.
The follow up phone call from my Ex on Christmas day, made my day.

I had done well.
Those were really, really tough times.

Happiness and the pain of separation is an unusual mix of emotions to deal with at the same time.

Belle asked me why I was crying as I'm writing this post.
I told her, I'm writing a post about a Christmas past.

Santa Always Knows Where You Are.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I'm not much for putting bumper stickers on my cars

But this one tickled my funny bone.

I got this with my packet of stuff for becoming a newly minted 2nd Amendment Foundation member.
I won't be putting it on my car though. Advertising seems counter intuitive to the concealed part of carrying.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What happened to Little Sister??

As you all know, I recently traded in Little Sister (S&W Shield) for Elise (Glock 26), so what happened to Little Sister?

I found out that Jason from Guns Over Texas radio show picked her up from Shiloh Shooting Center that very same day.

Shiloh is an excellent indoor shooting range and where I go when I shoot IDPA.  Jeff, who is also a host of the radio show owns the place and his wife, Tracy Sanford, is a very good shooting instructor and recently appeard on NGEO's Doomsday Preppers.

I'm really glad that I know exactly where Lil Sis went and I'm glad to know that she is in good hands.  Jason is a police officer and he will carry that pistol with him when he's off duty.

So does the Belle ever call in to said radio show?   Well heck yes I do! I love calling in and talking to the guys when I've either attended a blog shoot, or made a new acquisition! 

They air every Sunday from 5pm until 7pm Central Time, you can listen to them on, the guys, Gary, Jeff and Jason are very knowledable and really a lot of fun to listen to.

They are on our blog roll and on the GBBL roll as well.  Their website has Podcasts from past episodes as well.

I will say that the one thing that I really love about that show, and that particular gun range is that they encourage ladies to learn to shoot and they do it in a way that's not intimidating or condescending. 

They promote training and CHL licensing for all who qualify and are always willing to talk about anything that goes 'bang'.

So what about the Glock?

All I can really say is....    I love it!

With the 4th Generation, Glock got smart and made them a little less 'boxy' and the grip is not as wide so it's easier to handle comfortably.  I've always liked the sights on Glocks but it was never worth having to deal with that fat grip.  Now it's not a problem.  The action is smooth, the gun is sweet and I think that I will have this Glock for years to come!


Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Pretty much sums it up. In a much more polite manner than my blowtorch post about the election.
The two items left out were those that did not vote (sheep that have given up and succumbed to the wolf), and those that voted their "conscience" (Think this is still a Poly Sci essay).

nuff said. I'm still pissed.  Hold on to your pocket books and your retirement funds folks.  Your Golden Years are about to turn in to rusty metal.

Oh also, I suggest getting a wheel barrow before inflation skyrockets. You'll need it to carry enough US greenbacks to buy a dozen eggs.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

I call her Elise.....

Today I traded in Little Sister (9mm Smith & Wesson M&P Shield) on a Gen. 4, Glock 26.

I call her Elise.

She runs nice though I have a few user bugs that I have to work out, but it's not their arrow, it's the indian.

She's compact and runs very smooth and she doesn't beat the hell out of my hand when I shoot.

I always steered away from Glock because they were always so boxy; the 4th Generations are not like that at all.....  I love it!

By the way.... I named the AR15, Aphrodite.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

holey moley

As we headed south this morning for my sister's house for the big feast, I caught the tail end of a traffic report on the radio that mentioned something about one of the freeways being closed due to a wreck.
The transtar map online showed clear sailing on the route we were taking, so I had no worries.

A freeway closed due to an accident is unfortunately an all too frequent event around here, but this eclipses the 75 car pileup on the South 610 Loop from some years ago.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

A little early, but I'll be doing important work on behalf of the BAR editors tomorrow.
This is otherwise known as stuffing my face.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful day with family and friends and that all debates are limited to whether there is too much, or to little sage in the corn bread dressing.

I plan on enjoying my family, all of whom I see too infrequently these days.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Seen the latest Direct TV ads?

The cable TV DVR is full of crap we recorded ads?
It's on my pants so I can't get dressed?  It's on my wall and it's scaring me Dad?

The thing that stands out for me is that "Dad" is portrayed as a somewhat of a prick.

Yeah.   No.  That ad campaign is not connecting with this Dad at all. Actually I find it rather repelling.

Much like the metrosexual neanderthal ad campaign from Geico.

While on the subject of targeting your audience, the ads for the "HARPER", "HARPER?"...HARPER! aren't resonating with me either.

Down here, we pronounce it "Hopper".  Aside from that, it's a stupid name for a DVR hard drive.
To me, a hopper is where I put in trash to grind it up.

oh, duh. It is cable TV after all.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Leopard Nanners

Perfectly ripe:

I'm odd.

I know it.

I can't help it.

I was born this way.

(if only I had some ice cream and some Hershey's chocolate syrup, crap now I'm hungry)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mosin brass tacks

Tam posted this up: How to work a Mosin Stripper clip

When I hit the link, brain said..uh yep.  We had lot's of jams with Belle's Tokorev until we figgered this one out.

Don't remove the mag from the rifle, top load it from the breach. It was the way it was intended to be loaded.

The concept is the same for the Mosin stripper clips.  Observe the pics, and  note the angle of the rounds.

Whether in the Mosin stripper clip, or our Tokorev mag, they should be stacked thusly:

Nothing looks quite so content

As a napping cat

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Range Date Saturday AAR

The new toys finally got put through their paces today. I spent most of the time watching while the Lovely Belle worked at dialing in the scope on her new EvIl BlAcK rIfLE, only approaching the bench when the judge summoned  when asked. I did get to run 20 rounds through it though. That is one sweet sweet rifle.  I learned that shooting with a scope with bifocals, and astigmatism sucks.  I see two dots in the scope, and two center circles in the target.  Take your pick and fire when ready.
I might stick to iron sights when I get my own EBR.

Best part of the day by far was a visit from the one and only Son, who accompanied us to our favorite indoor pistol range. (yes, two ranges in one is good)
I was chomping at the bit to work out my new Ruger SR9c.  The short story on that is I like the hell out of that little compact 9mm - shot tight groups right out of the starting blocks.
The one and only Son has shot pistols once or twice with his Grandpa up in Kansas.  Revolvers.
 I gave him instructions on safe gun handling and let him go at it.  First two mags out of the XDm were not bad at all. I coached him on finger position on the trigger, and he got a bit better.  Then I coached him on his two handed grip and he dialed it in.  That boy Young Man is a natural pistol shooter. I watched the first round on a fresh target hole the double bull, dead center in the target. Of course then he pushed the trigger left and anticipated recoil and made a 2 inch diameter group low and left.  Target was still dead, and Dad was impressed.

I did my usual routine with both pistols, both hands, strong hand, weak hand. I was not displeased with either of my solo hand groups, with either pistol.

On the way out I fondled a Glock 17.  It fit my hand well...really well.  Perhaps I'll progress to the point where I'm fussy about triggers, but right now, the way the pistol feels in my hand, and where the front sight appears in my sight picture when I present it is everything. Someone commented in my first post when I wrote about my "new XDm" purchase not being my last.

 I suspected he was right.

Now I'm certain.

Maiden voyage

Belle dials it in

Bad Automotive JuJu

 Not sure what caught up with my youngest daughter this past week.  she was a late bloomer. She didn't start driving til she was 18.  She's been driving a bit over a year and up until this past week, accident and ticket free.
Sumlady made a U turn in front of her and daughter hit sumlady's car, sumlady hit someone else's car. Cop's ticketed sumlady I believe. All I know for sure is daughter did not get the ticket.
So daughter is now dealing with the hassle of the insurance claim and getting her car fixed.
A few days later, light turns yellow and daughter stops short at the intersection. Toothless lady smacks into the back end of her Saturn.  So now the Saturn has a boo boo on both ends and two concurrent insurance claims.
Youngest daughter does not drive a lot, being a homebody.  I guess the law of averages said enough is enough and decided to re-balance the universe in a single week.
Youngest Daughter is ok. A little sore in unsymmetrical places, but otherwise fine.

In the same week, oldest daughter got hit head on by Mr. Uninsured. On a surface street fortunately.  Also fortunate that the grand children were not in the car with her.  Also fortunate that the air bag worked as advertised and she's ok as well.  The cops on the scene were righteously pissed at Mr. Uninsured, so I'm told, when they saw three children's car seats buckled into her car.

I do hope that the law of averages has found balance for a while.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

To Hell in a Handbasket

It's where the world is headed.
Even one of my favorite charities has lost their ever loving minds.
Teke posted up on the situation  yesterday.
Gun owners are not good enough for WWP to be seen with.
More detail here at An Ordinary Texan.

I find the Wounded Warriors Project stance on this personally and deeply offensive.  They could fire the PR moron that rejected Gun Talk Radio's invitation to come on air on Veteran's day, and apologize to gun owner's everywhere and it would not make one damn bit of difference to me.  I've donated to WWP in the past. I was queued up to donate again this next month.  I'll no longer be doing so.
This is one circumstance where I can vote with my feet and spend my money elsewhere.

Monday, November 12, 2012

One of life's little mysteries

Why a dog will chew a hole through a plastic trash bag to get at a rotten short rib and turn its nose up at 6 hour old dry dog food. I've never tried it, so maybe I just don't know, but can dry dog food really be THAT bad?


Veteran's Day

While yesterday was actually Veteran's Day, I just wanted to stop and take the time to thank all of our veterans, young and old, for all that you sacrificed and/or what you are sacrificing now to try and preserve our freedom.

As you all know, Kx and I went to a gun show and bought a couple of things, but we also went to the Opera and I was glad to see that the Houston Grand Opera appreciates our veterans as well.

Before the show started, they asked all the veterans in the audience to please rise and they were thanked with a thundering round of applause, then we all sang the National Anthem and it was fantastic.  Yes, yours truly cried like a baby.

Once again, thank all of you out there for your service.  I can't express how grateful I am and the debt that I owe is too great to sum up!

Take care and Happy Veteran's Day.


My new baby

Well this is what I got at the gun show yesterday..  Bushmaster Carbon 15...   Can't wait to shoot her..  

Sunday, November 11, 2012

well looky here

First, AOT, An Ordinary Texan formerly know as An Ordinary American The blogger with the unpronounceable name suggested Secession from the US.  I think we may have become a country irrevocably divided.
Then I find there is a petition for said Secession that is half way to its goal of signatures.

Hey, wait a sec. Something's fishy about this petition.  This petition site informs me that I've already signed the petition. I didn't.  I was thinking about it. Now I'm not so sure...about this petition site I mean.  The secession thing?  Yeah, I could give that a serious look see.

At least a thousand rounds

This last election is going to take at least a thousand rounds of recoil therapy.  Coincidentally, that should just about break in my new carry sidearm.

I was informed last week that I would be attending the Oprah Opera with Belle today.  I share this pain only because they asked all the veterans to stand in recognition for Veteran's Day and then we sang the National Anthem.  And, I do mean "We".  The opera going crowd can belt it out. I sang least, that's what I call it.

The day started better.  We went to a gun show this morning. Belle was looking for an Evil Black Rifle.  I was looking for a more compact carry pistol.

The first booth I hit had a great selection of pistols. Being dressed for the Sunday Opera Matinee, young dude behind the tables has me pegged for suburban Dad buying his first gun.  As I was fondling shootin irons, young dude pipes up with, "we have that model with a laser over here!".  The store owner was standing there with me. I glanced up at him and lowered my eyes back to the pistol in my hands and simply commented, "don't let these clothes fool you. I don't need a laser. It's nothing more than a distraction".  Store owner snorted and sniggled.

I pretty much shopped the whole show and ultimately made my way back to the first booth I'd visited.
A bit of gun cleaning therapy with the new purchase removed the post opera fuzziness between my ears.
Now, to buy spare mags before the UN decides anything over 7 rounds is bad JuJu and procure a new holster.

If I can get Belle to post on her own damn blog, you'll get an earful about her new EBR.

Sunday morning gun show

New toys. Doing time at the opera.
More later.

Friday, November 9, 2012

An Answer to a Mud Hut

Last night my other half posted up some snark that I have to somewhat respond to.  I can only hope that war doesn't commence in the BAR homestead once he reads this.....

Borepatch commented that Mitt couldn't motivate the Republicans to get out and vote and I couldn't agree more.

Here's the problem as I see it.

People voted for John McCain because after 8 years of Bush, the last thing that they wanted was an Obama Whitehouse, unchecked with a super majority in both the House and Senate.  Also, as much as I can't stand McCain at the very least, you can say that the guy does love his country.  He loved it enough to endure and perservere through evils that even I, with my twisted imagination, can't conceive.

Back then, Obama was the evil that we didn't know.  It was much easier for people to get out of their houses and go vote against him because at the very least, they knew that McCain (I voted for Bob Barr by the way), while not perfect, would at the very least, not trample over our basic rights that he faught to preserve, and  with a Democratic Congress, wouldn't have been able to do much damage anyway.

So let's fast forward to Mittens.

Mitt was now the evil that the country didn't know.  The problem is, that the Republican establishment had Mitt chosen before the primary even started.  Pundits such as Coulter, Limbaugh, and Hannity were all about Mitt.

We had good candidates (Herman Cain for one) and yet the press went on the attack.  These women started coming forward to make accusations, which as far as I know remain unsubstaniated to this day.  The radio talk show hosts and conservative columnists went on the attack and ruined these people to the point where the only real choice that was left.... .Mitt.

The problem with Mitt is that he was too afraid to call it like it really is and be too critical of the opposition.  He couldn't excite Republican voters because he tried to come off as too moderate.

Yes.... too moderate.

There was little difference between Mittens and Obama and without a clear, concise contrast between candidates, many folks will just figure, "meh... I'll go with the evil that I do know."

What we needed was someone who would ensure that the people knew that they wouldn't be getting more of the same, that if elected, clear conservative principles would be in the White House.  The country is in trouble.... the country is bankrupt and quite frankly, we're divided between those who love and those who dispise our country and what it stands for.

Imagine if Mittens had tapped into that national pride that Ronald Reagan did, or that Marco Rubio does.  Imagine if Mittens had simply said, "Yes, our nation isn't perfect, but it's a heck of a lot better than any other place on this planet.  Our beloved country IS that shining city on the hill, though not as bright at the moment, we, as a people, can pull together and heal her."

Imagine if Mittens had reminded the population that each and every one of us has an inalienable right to self defense.  Imagine if Mittens had said, "I believe that every human being has a right to defend his own life using any tool available to him to do so, including but not limited to firearms."  rather than what he DID say which was something to the tune of, "I like guns... I hunt."

Imagine if Mittens had been more engaged in his campaign, imagine if he would have ruthlessly pointed out why Obama is a danger to our country, to our liberty, to our prosperity.  Instead, his handlers ran a campaign with kid gloves as to not offend.

The problem with this election is NOT the voters that didn't show up.  The problem is with the establishment who continuously shoves these neo-cons down our throats in an effort to woo the votes of people who aren't voting Republican and never will vote Republican anyway.

So my beloved other half, you can be mad at the voters all you want.  The problem isn't with them, it's with the party.  This election was Obama's to lose, the problem is that the Party pushed the worst possible candidate on us and now we will all pay the price.

As far as voting your conscience.  Well, I reject the notion that we should all fall in line because we don't want the other guy to win.  In fact, I feel much better voting for someone, than simply voting against someone.  After voting for Mitt, I felt dirty because instead of voting FOR Mitt...   I voted AGAINST Obama.  It left a bad taste in my mouth and that's something that I won't let happen again.

We will survive these next four years.  I have faith in that.  Hopefully by then, we will have learned a lesson.


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nice going ya buncha jackwagons

Fucking morons.
2 million more republicans turned out to vote for John "fucking" McCain than Mitt Romney.
Obama gets a second term.
Way to go. Vote your conscience for the libertarian candidate, whatever the fuck his name was. 1 million votes he siphoned off.  Write in Ron Paul's name on principle.
The lot of you are as bad as the uninformed retarded liberals. Stupid is as stupid does.
Those of  you that sat on your ass instead of voting because you've given up and thrown in the towel, by all means, enjoy the next 4 years. After all, unemployment benefits last nearly two years now.  Obamacare kicks in and then the lay offs really spike. It's already happening.

Within 24 hours of Obama's win, the U.S. threw our support behind the UN small arms treaty.
Not THEIRS, OURS. The Obama administration did this on YOUR behalf.  It you believe you are somehow prepped and insulated from this shit, you are sadly mistaken and just as bad as the mush headed liberals.  Your sin of omission.


Did I mention I am pissed about this?
Shame on you.  Enjoy your mud hut.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Reagan Must Have Been Psychic!!!

This is an interesting video I ran across today.


I always run back to Reagan when I need to comfort myself on election day especially when I know that neither candidate is particularly what I want in a candidate.

Happens more and more with each election.

Und Zo

Vee Vait.

And perhaps, vait und vait und vait.

I'm predicting a hanging chad, Supreme court case, the republicrats stole the election debacle similar to the Dubya / Algore election, interspersed with small outbreaks of flashmob robberies.

And who knows, perhaps we will see a riot.  Certainly a lot of threats on twitter. Not to mention the Won's own threat of revenge.  (makes ya feel all warm and fuzzy inside doesn't it?)

We don't get much of that down heah. Mostly that happens up north and to the east where the enlightened are less racist ;)  Oh, I forgot the People's Republic of Kolifornia.

Over the past 4 years, the words "community" and "organizer" have taken on a really negative connotation for me.

Monday, November 5, 2012

What dumbass thought that was a good idea?

Oh wait, it's gubmint motors.
Belle's Chevy Malibu threw a shoe check engine light a few days back.  The puter's stored code indicates the throttle position sensor is headed south.

Easy fix thinks I.  Get a new sensor, twenty minutes and a few hand tools and it's good to go.
Off to I go.  Hmmm, no TPS even listed. next. Hmmm, no TPS listed at all. My secret weapon, no TPS listed.

Srsly? I'm going to have to go to a stealership parts department to get a throttle position sensor? The Harrah!

My stubbornness about paying inflated parts prices drove me to find out what the deal was. What would have been a 10 minute part lookup turned into a 2 hour googlefu quest.

Turns out Chevy built the throttle position sensor into the throttle body....meaning, the entire throttle body has to be replaced when the $28 sensor craps out.   Cheapest of the cheap auto parts store; Autozone price $369...special order only.

noeffingway. had a wholesaler's closeout on an AC Delco replacement part for 86 bucks. Yay! I think?  (once you know what the hell you are looking for it's a lot easier to find)

Wholesaler's closeout?  That car is 5 years old.  Might be time to start hoarding Malibu parts.

I have a Sad

My update manager informed me that Ubuntu 11.04 is no longer supported.
Now I'll have to upgrade to the next version.

I also have a scared.
Hopefully the majority of the bugs have been worked out. Those on the bleeding edge of version 12 were not happy campers a while back.  I subscribe to the maxim; "if it ain't broke don't fix it".

So a quick click to the Ubuntu upgrade information web page and what do I see?
"We recommend you backup your existing Ubuntu installation before updating".

I was perfectly happy with 11.04. It has worked flawlessly on my laptop.

Ah well. Time to backup the crappy pics from the laptop and jump in with both feet I guess. I think I'll just go ahead and hose Windows 7 this time.

I only boot into it by accident these days.  If you've ever heard a faint scream and cussing way off in the distance, now you know what it was.

Don't Know Whether To Laugh or Cry

So tomorrow, we're having a little party at the office to watch the election results.

We're all hoping at the office that we get a new President, which might be slightly better than what we have but still.. I don't know whether I want to celebrate if Romney wins or think "oh shit".

It's really a catch 22 with me.

I mean.. on one hand we have an anti-gun socialist liberal in office....    but it appears that we could replace him with what???   Another anti-gun slightly less socialist liberal?

It's looking kind of glib folks, I am not exactly happy.


Recoil therapy

Much needed recoil therapy on Saturday..   was fun...  

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Good things come in small packages

This past week my boss brought to me a Walther P22 that his son had dropped in the sand.

Now, keep in mind that I have never handled a Walther P22 before, much less field stripped and cleaned one up.

He asked me if I would please clean it up for him...  oh he brought it to me already taken apart.  I reluctantly agreed to do it (reluctantly because I was worried about getting the thing put back together again.

So, I brought it home...  cleaned it up as best as I'm equipped to do and managed to find a You Tube video on how to field strip and reassemble one and got the thing put back together.

We went to the range today so I brought the Walther so that I could test it out.  Success!!  It works.

I really liked the gun though. It was fun to shoot and it was really accurate.

I have to say that I was shocked that my boss asked me to help him out considering that there are other shooters in the office.  It makes me feel good that he trusted that I could get it right... yay!

I think that if I ever wanted to buy a little .22 pistol, a Walther would be a decent choice.

The Belle is happy today....   The Belle got to go put some rounds down range, not just the .22 but naturally I had to take Alexa and Lil Sis along for the ride.....  

Ahhh...   shooty goodness!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Where has the Belle Been??

Well, that's a good question. The truth of the matter is that I have been buried so deep in work that by the time I get home, I just want to do mindless, enjoyable relaxing things.

The election is rolling up on us next week and I guess I will be pinching my nose so tight that you all may never see me alive again (haha).  I really want to vote 3rd party but if I do that, Kx59 will have my ass and I'll never hear the end of it should Obummer end up winning this thing.

Aside from that, there's really not much going on these days.

I'm here, I'm alive and kicking and still lurking around the blogosphere.  Hopefully soon, i'll be able to come up for air and get back to doing what I enjoy.....    posting up stories and snark.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Socialism works if you do it right

Take Sweden for example:

"We had an unemployment rate of over 25 per cent, so we had to find solutions,"

Solution?  Outsource your unemployment to Norway.

25%.  Back in the Day, they referred to that as the Great Depression.

Electricity + Water =

I've enjoyed a certain amount of shadenfreude over Chevy Volt and Fisker spontaneous combustion, but hadn't given much thought as to what would happen should you find yourself in high water.


The Fisker battery pack sits pretty low in the car. It doesn't look like it would require anywhere near full submersion to cause problems.
Even before the fire, the battery discharge into the water might put some serious hurt on you.
I'm sure the Fisker engineers thought of this and have some safety feature built in, right?  right?