Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Just got home.  The street is full of goblins and ghouls.
The $35 worth of candy I bought yesterday is already almost gone.  Belle is no Scrooge when it comes to handing out candy.
I thought I was having Vietnamese carry-out for dinner tonight, but the family that owns our favorite Vietnamese restaurant closed early, 4pm, for "the holiday". So the sign on the door read. Now that's what I call assimilating.

  On Holiday you take off from Wok.

My Dad was always good at making costumes. Me? I suck at it.  Neighbors down the street from his house used to have a Halloween party every year with some theme. One year the theme was "magic".
Dad took a big cardboard box, big enough to wear and cut a peep hole in the front and back. Inside, he mounted little mirrors.  When you looked in the peephole you could see what was behind him. Creative I thought.
The real kicker was that he had a long piece of plastic tubing he'd drop into your drink while you were peeping and a goodly portion of your libation would "disappear".
Fortunately, he only had to walk 6 houses down to get home.

This would be why

we could not hardly find a box of ammo on the shelf in the days leading up to Hurricane Ike's landfall.

But no worries.  The fine people of NY and NJ are protected by strict gun laws.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

I do hope the folks up north prepped for the hurricane. Not nearly enough of them I suspect.  The aftermath is going to be a mess.
Power's out, water supply likely contaminated, no gasoline, no subway...basically a quick vacay to the 1800's without the horses.
I saw one report earlier today that said gangs were organizing looting sprees via twitter.  I would not want to be up there post storm protected by nothing more than a strict gun law. 
To add insult to injury, the Northeast has a massive cold front moving in on them as well.

My nephew lives in Brooklyn. Having grown up on the gulf coast, he's prepped and hunkered down. He said folks were already getting really nasty last night when he was at the grocery to pick up a few more provisions. 

 In a day or two, they'll be completely feral.

I fear the police are going to be very busy.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Such a Shame, poor Al


Couldn't keep a straight face

The Goracle's "Current TV" is on the block for sale

"Founded in 2005 by Al Gore, Current TV quickly made a name for itself as a go-to source for environmental incoherence, Democrat lunacy, and far-left diatribes. If providing an outlet for liberal kooks was the goal, it succeeded admirably. However, if it was trying to attract viewers, well, it's had some difficulty. Now, it's up for sale."

Please.... do go ahead and point and laugh. After all the global worming fraud Algore has foisted on the world, he deserves it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oy what a couple of days it's been

Rolled up on a deadline this week for actual work work while dealing with all kinds of fail on the company network and overseeing the final installation and commissioning of our new video conferencing center.
So I've been trying to concentrate on getting the job out the door with way to many distractions.

THEN the owner of our outsource IT support called my founding partner putting the hard sell on him to revamp all our hardware and go all in on a virtual environment.
The real kicker in that conversation was that IT support owner capped it off by telling my founding partner that the biggest problem we had with our network was in me.
Stabbed in the back.
My partner said his jaw hit the floor.
What IT support moron doesn't realize is that founding partner and a few other shareholders have been wanting to fire IT support company for about a year and find another company. The only thing keeping that from happening was me.
I think I'm coming around to their way of thinking.

IT support company owning moron doesn't know that I know about that conversation just yet.  Outsource IT support companies are a dime a baker's dozen.
 His company just got bought by a larger IT support company.  From a money standpoint, we were not a small client for them.  He's no longer the biggest fish in his pond, so I'll be looking for someone higher up the food chain to have a little church chat with about this.
I plan to make it as painful as possible.
And then I'll fire them.

While I'm At It

Well, since I've been on a mic'd up football jag, here is Brian Cushing (out for the season with a torn ACL) who was mic'd up at a game last season against Cleveland.

He's a funny guy, not to mention a kick ass player.  We really are missing him, but I think that the boys will step it up.


After he head butts the Cleveland guy without his helmet, listen to his comments....   classic stuff!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

There's Hope Yet

Considering how most professional atheletes behave now days, it's nice to see that there are still a few diamonds in the rough.  The beginning of this video is heart warming and shows a strength of character in this young man.

This is Arian Foster.  At the end JJ Watt is asking him if he thinks of poetry when he's running.. LOL


I hope the Texans keep winning!   Good job boys!

I've Eaten Burritos Bigger Than You!


This past Sunday, JJ Watt from the Houston Texans was mic'd up.  That was his comment to Ray Rice.  Watt is hilarious!

I love it!

What in World is Holding All That

Sh Stuff down?
A bunch of sheet goods, salvaged plywood or something similar, stacked high, bouncing around on a trailer, flapping in the wind.
The very first thing I look for when rolling up behind a trailer is how their crap is tied down, or not.
Too many folks on the road think that because it was so freaking heavy to put on the trailer, there's no way it's going to come off. Nah, we don't need to tie it down, it'll be ok.
Dude had it tied down with something I couldn't quite make out so I skated on past.
I've seen boats laid up sideways on trailers from one good bounce. I've seen furniture hop right out of the bed of a pickup.
I've seen an entire garage garbage sale that moments ago was known as moving day on the freeway.
I've run over a small sailboat that was not tied down to the trailer...what was left of it after it hit the freeway in front of me.

The moronic boat owners are the ones that get me the most.  The boat owners that don't tie down the stern of their $40K+ boat and assume the hook and winch cable will keep the boat on the trailer just fine.
Ya know, it you don't want your boat anymore, set it on fire or something. I don't want to participate in your insurance claim.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Prez Debate III

Random observations:
Obama's voice irritates me even when I'm not paying attention.

While listening to Romney, Obama is blinking more than once a second...ginning up a lie I suppose, or maybe just high on cocaine.  Gotta have the energy for the debate. Medicinal purposes only ya know.

Romney talks about how we "help the middle east reject terrorism".  I don't feel compelled to help the bastids. Drill here, drill now. Exploit our own resources. Quit buying oil from them, get the heck out of there and let them sort it out.

Romney, "30,000 people killed in Syria is a humanitarian disaster..."  No it is not. It is a civil war.

Obama is touting how "we" are "handling" Libya.  Obama is trying hard to paint the removal of Kadaffi Duck as being similar to the assassination of Bin Laden. Talking about how Kaddafi had killed more Americans than...something or other.   Reagan neutered Kadaffi when you were smoking pot with the choom gang you moron.  Libya is rapidly devolving into chaos.  Good job President Pot head!

What was that middle thing again?  Obama starts blinking every time his mind wanders while trying to follow what Romney is saying.  

Some how, according to Obama, his foreign policy is going to help our economy recover.  He must have  just "thought" about 4 paragraphs that he failed to express because ...huh?

Thank goodness I have a nice Blue Moon Belgian White Ale to get me through this.

Teachers? Economy? Wasn't the crux of this debate supposed to be about foreign policy?
Now obummercare.
Obama is probably happy the debate has run off the rails, I mean, with his foreign policy record...

Obama segues to Tax Cuts, then to military spending. In particular how much more we spend on our military than so many other countries.  Yes. Yes we do.  It is why they are reticent to attack us. That and tens of millions of deer hunters that can actually put rounds on target at 100 yards plus.  2A MOFO!Premature military action? Romney says we should take premature military action - so says Obama.

Two guys that have never served a day in the military debating military spending. A conversation based on mutual ignorance. This could go on all night.

Obama says that Iranians have the same aspirations for a better life as other people around the world.  Those People will tell you that they are Persian, not Iranians.  Your evil white twin, Carter, fucked that up.  When they protested a while back, where were you and your administration while Amadini-jihad's thugs were shooting defenseless protestors?

Romney is watching Obama as he rambles. He has a look on his face like, "come on, come on, I know it's coming, the total brain flux and melt down."

Oh screw this.
I'm going to get another Blue Moon.

Vote Early and Vote often.  Hey, fight fire with fire. It's how the democrats do it.

Did...Did Not...Did Too

The New York Times puts out a story that the Obama administration has been secretly negotiating with the Iranians regarding the Iranian nuclear program.
Did Not:
The Obama administration promptly denies this and the NYT attempted to memory hole portions of their original article.
Did Too:
Now the Iranian Regime is making noise about how Obama agreed that they could keep portions of their nuclear program.

While this has been touted as an attempted October surprise by some, and certainly fits the S.O.P. for the Obama Admin, It looks more like the Iranians have called the election and are trying to get what they can before the door hits Obama in the butt on his way out of the White House, to me.

Still alive (I think)

It's been a while since I've posted.

I'm still alive, which is good news.

I'm buried at work, which is also good news.

I'm also just not really excited about much these days......    not so good.

Oh well,  I will resume regular blogging as soon as my muse is back from its temporary leave of absense.


Saturday, October 20, 2012


I lack the vicarious sports spectator thrill gene, so even though I am an Aggie, I'd be watching something else were I not hanging out with Dad killing time before #1 nephew's wedding.
I do recall much trash talk about how A&M was going get pwned in the SEC.
So far, the Ags appear to be doing most of the pwning.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Boy, I paid way too much for that

[Language Alert!  I nudged the throttle to full ramming speed rant by the end of this]

Bought a book for my Kindle. Found my way to it via Instapundit.
"The Obama Confession"
"Secret Fear, Secret Fury"
by Andrew G. Hodges, M.D.

Dr. Hodges is a Shrink, and a "profiler"

I got 20% of the way into the book. Scanning the table of contents from there on, the remaining 80% appears to be a repetition of the first 20%.
To sum it up so far, Obama has daddy issues because his daddy, whichever it was, Obama Sr. or Frank Marshal Davis, was not around.  Obama has mommy issues because his mommy really didn't want her mulatto child and he got dumped on the grandparents.
( poetic justice in a way, the pinko commie liberal parents raise a daughter with no morals or sense of responsibility then reap the "benefits" of her free lifestyle)
Obama is confused about whether he's a black zebra with white stripes, or a white zebra with black stripes.
Because of this, Dr. Hodges points out a thousand times 1/5th of the way into the book, Obama is an extreme danger to this country.

No shit Sherlock.  And to think it took years of medical school for you to arrive at this conclusion.

So, I will summarize the book succinctly; Obama is a seriously fucked up individual that is very dangerous to the future of this unique Republic.

There has never been, in the history of mankind, a country like this grand experiment we call The United States of America.  If we lose it, it is gone forever.

** I got the book for free. I'm seriously considering sending the esteemed doctor a bill for my time.  It really is that pedantic, and that bad.  Psychiatric mental masturbation at best.  I don't give a shit WHY Obama is doing what he is doing. I can SEE what Obama is doing and I want it to fucking STOP.  I feel no compunction to put a cold compress on the Won's forehead and say, "poor baby"!
Hit the road motherfucker, you are on the wrong side of the White House fence in my fucking opinion.

I'm not Dead Yet

In fact I'm feeling much better. (well, the same, considering I haven't been sick)
You have to read that with an English accent to get the Holey Grail reference.  Apparently Belle thought I was keeping up with the blog, as I see no new posts from her either.

Haven't had much to say lately. Waiting and watching.  Waiting to see how the election turns out. Wondering if the threat of race riots upon Obama's defeat will find it's way to our neck of the woods.  We don't see much of that down here.  Wondering if the undecided voters clueless have been shocked out of their ambulatory slumber.  I mean, really, how can you still be undecided about the presidential candidates at this point in the game.
It's a sad state of affairs when the fate of the country rests upon the shoulders of people that sleep walk through life.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vice Presidential Debate

Does it matter. Maybe, maybe not. But I'm watching anyway in a rubber necker kind of way.
OOooh a train wreck. Is there any blood?

I watched the first Presidential debate as well, but it was so dull I couldn't even make anything up to post about.  The conservative blogs made some hay out of it though.

Me?  I'm going to catch up on my blog reading and keep one ear towards the TV in hopes of catching a few Biden gaffes.  Biden must be a really personable guy in person. I can think of no other means by which that moron could have stayed in office so long.

update 1: Biden plays the Bin Laden card right off the bat.  (Biden: crap, had to play my best card first, what now?)

update 2: Biden's primary tactic appears to be a bemused smile and chuckle while Ryan is responding to a question. Playing the "I'm older and been doing this shit a long time, and LOOK I have gray hair" card.  "Well, I have some gray hair left..I miss the days when I had a brain."  At best it will encourage the kool-aid drinkers.

Update 3:  Class warfare. Let's bleed the super wealthy (but not the super wealthy Democrats, after all, we're for the peepul)

Update 4: Ryan sticks Biden, "sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth the right way". Biden shows the first signs of brain flux.

Update 5: Man Biden can lie like a rug.  A damp, dirt and animal hair encrusted rug.
Now it's time to interrupt Ryan, because it's past Joe's bedtime.  Biden has the bemused smile and chuckle thing down...his crutch it appears.

This bullshit is way too polite.  I'd just as soon they pull the gloves off, point fingers and call each other out, spittle flying.

Better yet, I think the debates should be decided by a boxing match. This one would be over already.  
Actually, that's the way I think wars should be fought as well.  The fat old men in three piece suits that send our young men to war should be made to duel instead.  First blood wins. I suspect the fat old men in three piece suits would be much more reticent to go to war.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Affordable Care Act

Aka obummercare.

Seems to be the night for oxymorons.  If there ever was one, it is the "Affordable" Care Act.

This post, over at Traction Control, breaks it down into terms minimum wager earners can understand.
Will they believe it?  No, probably not because Obama, Reid and Pelosi are for the peepuul.
You betcha.

A Good Problem

Oxymoron? Maybe.
Posting has gotten a bit spotty because things at work have gotten very busy.
And it only looks to get worse better.  If Romney wins the election, the flood gates may open.
If all the projects that went on hold came back online, and by hold I mean it was like someone flipped the prosperity switch to full off with no concern about a graceful shutdown, back in 2008, we'd need to double our staff in very short order.

Wouldn't that be a shame?

Can you imagine?

The government being run like Microsoft?  Now that I think about it, there are a lot of similarities between Microsoft and the Federal Government.
Unintended consequences for one.

Bill Gates in Abu Dhabi: I'll never run for office

Thank the Lord for small favors.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

You can take a boat

To China and make it there in five days, but you can't take five boats and make it there in one day.
Mowing the backyard....shouldn't have let it go so long.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Some Friendly Advice for USA Today Sports

It makes him Angry.
Uncle Jay writes in to say,
Which the USA Today writer did...

I was going to turn this into a Where's the Ogre Waldo post, but my brain says I should take my own advice.  For those that have personally been in the Mighty Jay's gravitational field, take note of the photo.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Tell me again...

Why you put the water in the pan when you precook the sausage for red beans and rice?

So this doesn't end up in my arteries.

Buckets, String, Rubber Bands and Paper Clips part 2

Rubber band cable management.

The Wrong Way

Next time you unwind it, it comes out accordion like.

Coil the cable and loop the rubber band over one end

wrap the rubber band around the wire

loop the free end of the rubber band over the same end of the wire**


Easy Peasy. No more kinks in the wire.
Got a big cable? Get a big effing rubber band.

**This is a scalable solution, skill level high. Your mileage may vary, do not remove under penalty of law, void where prohibited.  The BAR editors assume no liability should the user fail to follow the instructions implicitly and loop the free end of the rubber band over the same end of the cable, instead looping it over the other end of the cable in which it turns into a cable and rubber band clusterfuck.
Thank You.