Sunday, January 19, 2014

That time of year again

Knock, knock on the door.
I open the door to nothing..wait, momentarily I look down upon two pint sized little girls.*  Before either says a word, I spy the color coded form.
"Yay! Girl Scout cookies!" says I.  Taking the form in hand and looking up I see Dad on the sidewalk, smile, wave and say Hi.
Gotta have my Thin Mints.
Truth be known,  I could do with out them. I like them just fine, but the calories won't do me any favors.

I remember trudging my neighborhood, pee wee baseball candy in a sack, door to door. This was in the sixties. I got an awful lot of "no thank you".
Because of that, I tend to be a soft mark for the local kids when fundraising time comes around.  I don't even pretend to be otherwise anymore.

I'll probably vacuum up a few more boxes when delivery time rolls around.  It's a sure bet there will be table set up in the vestibule of the local grocery.  It's usually a minimum of two Mom's and three to four little girls.
"Would you like to buy some Girl Scout Cookies?!!"
"I'll catch you on the way back out girls."
(dejected look)
Twenty minutes later: "see, I told you I'd be back."
"Now, what do we have to choose from here?"
(big smiles)

Frankly, the smiles and the "Thank You's" are better than the cookies. :)

* These two little ones had to be Brownies.  They were just as cute as they could be.


  1. One of the young ladies in my extended family brought her cookie form to a birthday party for my "niece" on Saturday. I ordered five boxes to get my "fix". I'll put them in the freezer when they arrive and ration them out over the course of the year.

    1. freezer you say?
      Now there's a plan. Perhaps rationed out over time they will have less of an impact on my waistline. ;)

  2. The Girl Scout cookies are one thing but being ambushed by that Boy Scout popcorn is downright painful.

    "You wanna buy some popcorn, Mister?"

    "Sure, why not!"

    "That'll be $20."

    "$20!!! For a few packs of popcorn? I don't want to buy the farm to grow it on, I just wanted the popcorn."

    1. $20! Daaayum!
      you can get 5 boxes of girl scout cookies for that!


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