Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Putin plays chess

Obama plays checkers tiddly winks diddles himself.
I apologize for that mental image.
Secretary of State, john kerry.  Could we have a bigger moron in that position.
Kerry fumbled his way through an interview on the Obama administrations apparent inactivity over this past weekend in response to Russia's invasion of the Crimea.
The administration has been "talking" with our EU allies, formulating a plan, to paraphrase.
Interpretation being they have no effing idea what to do.
I know! Sanctions!  Freeze Russia's overseas bank accounts! In particular, Putin's!
rotsa ruck.
Nah, they wouldn't. Would they?  Russia would never dump their US treasuries.
Obama has absolutely no where to go on this.  This will be his Jimmy Carter legacy.
Poland is particularly pissed right now considering we promised a missile defense system and reneged on the deal.

The US and EU financial systems are so tenuous and screwed up, it wouldn't take much to tip the first domino to create a world wide financial melt down.
Would China pig pile?
In my estimation, most likely.  The people peasants of Russia and China have lived under poverty stricken oppression for so many generations they are no threat to the ruling classes in their respective countries.  The ruling classes could care less about the standard of living of the peasants.
In the estimation of the ruling elite of Russia and China, they personally have nothing to lose.
The obama administration and the EU are toothless.
Even Valerie Jarret will not be able to save obama from this catastrophe.

In the best of cases, this will not turn out well.

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  1. And once again the Obamanation demonstrates to the world that our allies can't trust us and our enemies have no need to fear us.


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