Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The tangled web slowly comes un-weaved

IRS Scandal:
Scandal is the wrong word. This was no "scandal" this was criminal activity using the force of the State no less.
As email and documents continue to be wrenched from the claws of the Infernal Gubmint, the trail to the prime mover points ever higher.
Lois Lerner has been declared in Contempt of Congress. Good luck getting Eric Holder's Injustice department to prosecute. Unfortunately for Lois, Obamma's, and concomitantly, Eric Holder's terms run out before the statue of limitations.  Lois' options don't look all that great.  Not to get too melodramatic but it's going to boil down to winding up as the only person to die in a very suspect plane crash, or sing like a canary and pray that a non-federal witness protection program exists.

While it galls me, the wiser tack would be to give her immunity in return for the proverbial bean spilling.

Today we learn via a post and document dump from Judicial Watch, Senator Carl Levin's, (D) from Michigan, finger prints (and email)  are all over the IRS' illegal targeting of conservative groups seeking a tax exempt status.  (Way to go Michigan!)

Talk Radio Host, and actual Loiya, Mark Levin says Carl Levin should be dragged in front of a federal grand jury.  Yes, yes he should.  Will that happen?  No.

But this brings me to a thought followed by a question.

The various organizations with key words such as "Tea Party" and "Patriot" in their org names were scattered among several States.  I wonder if the esteemed Carl Levin, (D) Michigan could be dragged in front of a grand jury in each of those states?  A second question comes to mind. Could Carl Levin, (D) Michigan be sued personally in each of those states.
As a US Senator, he probably has some immunity for which he, or others of his ilk. voted into law, but I'd like to see that tested all the way to the Supreme Court frankly.
Seems rather discriminatory to me.

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  1. This isn't a legal problem. This is a political problem. The courts are not designed to deal with this sort of thing.


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