Monday, August 4, 2014

A life less virtual

This I needed. No cable or Satellite TV. Damn near no cell signal.
The Motley Crew


My Brother In Law lands a 37" Bull Red. Duly measured, photographed and set free.
Red Fish are good eatin, but they don't breed until they get big.** 

My Bro works another Bull Red.

Oh. Wait.
Never mind.
This Trophy Red Fish morphed into a (trophy?) Stingray 
by the time he got it up off the bottom and along side the boat.
Also known as sea scallops :) if you've ever ordered them in a restaurant.
Nasty buggers.
Known to kill cable TV wildlife show hosts.

**  For the libtards, this is known as conservation. It is not necessary to set the human race back to the stone age to take care of the environment.

It's not fair. I did not get to catch a 37" Bull Red Fish. I demand that the federal government pass a law and do something about this because I am one person and therefore the smallest minority group ever (2.857 e-9 of the population) in the history of the Socialist Republic of America.  Therefore I deserve special consideration, privileges, and State forced acceptance of my red fish deficiency.


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