Monday, January 12, 2015

Charlie Hebdo: Caution Scathing Remarks Herein

Political correctness comes home to roost.
I'm finding myself unsympathetic. More irritated bordering on pissed.
The short version of what lies below is "fuck islam and the liberals that enable them".

Open your borders to inbred radicalized muslim geehadists.
Acquiesce to fear of being labeled as racist to the point where there are 75 "no go" zones for French citizens and police no less, ruled by psychopathic child rapers.
Disarm the populace. (long ago)
Disarm your beat cops.  (I mean really, how retarded can you be? Who would put on a police uniform if you couldn't carry every bit of ordinance your duty belt would support?)
Stop! I have a badge! and... and....and a radio!

France has been invaded, and lost again.

There was a solidarity march in Paris, some 3 million* French holding signs stating "Je Suis Charlie!"
Charlie, meanwhile, flipped France the finger saying, "Non".  "Where the fuck were all you jackasses last year, or the year before, or the year before that?" "wagging your finger at us, clucking your tongues,  shushing. Don't upset the muslims, pick on the Christians or the Jews. The atheists are right out as well, they get awfully annoying when satirized."

Banack Obuma was not in attendance, too busy watching the playoffs, and jeez he'd just come back from an exhausting 14 day Hawaiian vacation, courtesy of you 'n me. Nor was crazy uncle Joe Biden there. Thank God they didn't send that racist Eric Holder.  The liberal media has their soiled panties twisted twice around their naughty bits over this. Why, Oh Why didn't he go? Every other leader in the free world was there!!! (hint:  Obuma is a muslim)

Could this kind of shit happen here in the good 'ole US of A?   Sure.
It will be in a deep blue state.  A gun free zone.  California, or New Yawk, and it will be horrific because those are "important" states.

Meanwhile in "fly-over territory", Texas is queuing up an open carry bill, and the Gubner has stated he will sign it.**
Since the federal government won't control the border, it looks like we will have to do it on the street.
I'll never open carry. Element of surprise might be the only advantage I get.

*3 million might by high. I think I read that, but I'm not moved to fact check it. Let's just say there were a lot of frogs on the street.  Lucky for them the geehadists didn't anticipate that. One more loose AK47 would have made that a very target rich environment. More people would have died from the stampede than the rifle.

** My grandmother was born around the turn of the last century. She told when she was a little girl, she could remember seeing men wearing six guns on their hips in the general store.  History looks to repeat itself.


  1. Thank God they didn't send that racist Eric Holder

    Not sure what you mean but not sending Eric - but the man was in Paris during the march.

    He simply could not be bothered or didn't deign to show support for one of our greatest allies.

    Could it happen here* ?? Hello, it already did. Fort Hood -- even as far back as the Beltway Snipers; the older murderer was a convert who was going to use the extortion money to found a blacks only (care to bet as to what religion would be required?) country in Canada. Sounds like what many are doing in France, eh.

    I'll never open carry. Element of surprise might be the only advantage I get.

    I probably won't Open Carry every day or even most of the time. it will be nice to be able to run to the store and not have to worry about covering up - especially in the summer when temps top out around 100+

    * just to keep in the spirit of things; please note the 'gun free zone' status of Fort Hood and most of the Beltway sniper attacks.

    Bob S.

    1. Was Holder "sent" or just happen to be there?
      which begs the question, why was Holder in France on the taxpayer's dime?
      Yeesh, Fort Hood. How could I forget? I'm throwing my senior card* and CRS card on that one.

      *high mileage

    2. My understanding is Holder was in Paris for a previously scheduled terror conference (no word whether he was 'for' or 'against' ) but didn't even bother to take a couple of hours out of his schedule to attend the rally.

      And the idea that Obama couldn't go because of security concerns-- Bunk. Let's bring back the spirit of Teddy Roosevelt who was SHOT and then gave a speech before getting the wound looked at.

      What would have been a better way to say "We will not bow down before terror" then to walk with the rally.
      Of course, that completely ignores the fact that the security forces probably numbered in the thousands around those leaders.

  2. I made up my own hashtag in response to the attack on Charlie Hebdo: #MoreBaconForMuhammed. I'd like to turn every pig farm in North Carolina and Missouri and Iowa loose in Mecca and Medina.


    1. AOA! I thought you'd dropped off the face of the earth.
      good to see you back from the hiatus.

  3. Exactly.

    Oh,, and Dear Oxford: Pig. Bacon. Pork. Pig. Bacon. Pork. Pig. Bacon. Pork....


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