Sunday, March 22, 2015

There's a price break here somewhere

bought a brick of 9mm recently which arrived in a smallish box, about half the size of the previous box.  WTF?  What'd they do? ship 500?
Same count, smaller packaging.
Bidness in the real world does not do this for no reason. Weight is the same, less air between the rounds.


  1. Perhaps the smaller brick cost the manufacturer less?

  2. Calculate the amount of plastic saved in the smaller packaging
    Add in the shipping cost reduction - often a combination of weight and cubic footage.
    Then combine that with the increased number of boxes that can be placed in the same area on a retail store shelf. (contracts often specific how many feet of shelving is allocated to each company)

    Thrown in the reduction in cardboard -- both for the individual box and the carton.

    Cost savings galore in just that small change.

    Bob S.

  3. They may have switched over to several machines that each package only one caliber instead of one that could handle a wide range of sizes. Specialization can result in increased efficiency.


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