Saturday, March 19, 2016

Our current political process in 21 lines.

1) Romney robocalls for Kasich in Ohio.
2) Romney robocalls for  Rubio in Florida.
3) Now Romney is now "supporting" Ted Cruz" now.*
4) Romney is a dishonest, lying, divisive SOB. Good luck with the explanation at the pearly gates.
5) GOPe must create an opportunity for a brokered convention because teh open bar and free bacon wrapped shrimp and lands a titles.
6) Must stop Trump.
7) GOPe does not like the Trump.
8)  Media loves / hates Trump; good for ratings but "Republican!1!11ty"
9)  Media must incite mob violence because Trump is wearing thin, but teh RATINGS! and they are all democrats!
10) The  Trump does not play by the GOPe or Media's rules!
11)  senator Grassley, who mere days ago wanted to shoot Cruz on the floor of the Senate chambers now endorses teh Cruz.  whuuuut?
12)  The republicrat party is in total panic and has lost its ever loving mind.
13)  Do SOMETHING. Anything to keep Trump from getting the 1200 something delegates!
14) The democrats have a lazy layabout pot smoking socialist that has never held down an honest job** or a criminal for candidates.
15) The American people have had enough of the elite ruling class.
16) It's looking like we are going to get Trump.
17) Or, an unplanned and uninvited brokered suppository, Paul Ryan.***
18)  If so, Hillary will win the election and her first act as president will be to pardon herself.
19)  And perhaps Huma.  You don't actually think Wiener was instant messaging pics of his junk because Huma was like all hetero female do you?  Marriage of convenience?
20)  Hillary's bathroom email server IT guy is fucked beyond belief.****
21)  We are fucked.

If McConnell greases up, rolls over and presents his belly for a senate hearing and confirmation of Obama's  Supreme Court anti 2A nominee, things are going to get ugly.  There's still time between the nomination and the Obominoid's last day in office.  Just sayin.

Perilous times indeed.

* My attempt at cognitive dissonance in text. :) hat tip to the BAR department of redundancy department.
** Wait, they already did that.  Sanders, not Obama.
*** aka, John Bohner Jr. without the heavy drinking and uncontrollable weeping. Claims he will not accept. Snort, snarfle, spit, ever the "reluctant hero". yuh right.  where have I heard that before.  dickweed.
**** Never ever in his wildest imagination did he ever suspect when he took that moonlight IT gig that his very survival would hinge on a Republican winning the Presidential Election. Sucks to be you dude.  Screw prosecutorial immunity. I'd be having conversations with the FBI about the witness protection program.  Good luck.


  1. Ironic that my hatred for the GOPe has been deepened immeasurably by their behavior concerning a candidate I don't plan to vote for.

  2. Ironic that my hatred for the GOPe has been deepened immeasurably by their behavior concerning a candidate I don't plan to vote for.

  3. And here I thought I was too negative an conspiratorial!
    I pray for The Republic!



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