Monday, April 18, 2016

Done rained again

Forecast was for rain, but I don't think anyone expected this.
It rained less than tropical storm Allison*, but more in a 24 hour period.

Nearby to the BAR Corp HQ received about a foot of rain, per the nooz, over night as of about 8am this morning.  The official tally from the nonexistent BAR rain gauge is just a hair over a butt load.
The three nearest official rain gauges to us are showing 11.16", 12.76" and 14.04" for the last 24 hours.

Large areas of Houston are flooded once again.  The Corp HQ is dry...ish.  No water in the house but the ground is mush.
Forecast is for more rain tomorrow. I hope the weather man is wrong.

A neighbor reported that the neighborhood directly to our east has pretty much all the streets under water.  Little Cypress Creek is out of its banks. The west end of our street has drained off. The east end I'm keeping an eye on. The water level seems to be rising.*

This morning we watched Mr. Ididn't Think Itwasthatdeep, drive his minivan into an underpass on a live TV shot and swim out of his vehicle as it in disappeared.
Belle commented that, "I bet that dumbass has driven that route every day on his way to work. How could he not know it wasn't "that deep"?"

So far, the extended BAR clan is good. Ya'll do an anti-rain dance for us.
pics later maybe, If I can brave the floating rafts of fire ants and displaced snakes.

* google that one.  This is actually being reported as a worse rain / flood event. Allison rained for three days, 36" total.


  1. Hooooo doggies! I have and extra set of paddles you can borrow...

  2. Hooooo doggies! I have and extra set of paddles you can borrow...

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