Thursday, February 14, 2013

All We need is one

To get things rolling.
Borepatch is advocating a Second Amendment PAC, and one of his commentors, is already on it. Another commentor, SDS, upped the anti to "Super Pac".
This brought to mind a news bite I saw earlier today, and another point of attack in this fight.

Second arms manufacturer to do so if I am not mistaken. One more and we have a "pattern".

What we need now is one ammo manufacturer to lead the way, and give the finger to the federal government.
 I am really partial to Magtech ammo for my pistols. Shoots really clean and I don't have to clean them as often.  Given the current ammo market, I'll shoot anything I can get my hands on, even if the muzzle flash and smoke looks like it came out of a blunderbuss*.

Might take a bit of googlefu to determine which ammo manufacturers are getting the federal contracts for ammo,  but in addition to creating our own Super Pac, I think we need to start putting pressure on the ammo manufacturers.

This ammo shortage won't last forever.
We need to let the ammo producers know we have a long memory**.

*Or Belle's Tokorev. Muzzle flash is about a foot long, and it gets attention a good 12 shooting stations to the left and right.
** Word to the wise; The internet never forgets. To use a famous quote, "Me fuck you long time"


  1. The list of arms manufacturers and suppliers who are flatly refusing to sell their wares to ANY government agency or employee (ie the police in most cases) is growing by leaps and bounds. Not sure that the libs who are in 'charge' up there will get it though.............

    1. true engough, but there's lot's of us out here that'd be willing to pick up the slack on lost government ammo sales, to be sure.

  2. Very appropriate quote there.


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