Sunday, February 3, 2013

Not listening to the half time show

It's on the TV, but like the first half of the game, it's muted.
Instead, Belle has some drivin' Blues playing from her computer. The images on the tv are almost in perfect time with the music. Amusing to watch, and the music piping in via the intertubes at the BAR Corp. HQ is much better.
The pyrotechnics are getting ridiculous.  Each year (the mysterious) "they" feel compelled to push the envelope.


  1. I had family and 4 grandkids over. The game was on mute the whole time. Healing was the mission and the final score was not important. We ate very well, though.

    1. Hang in there brother. Good to see you out on the blogosphere.
      Don't be a stranger.


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