Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cold Calls at work

I've mentioned before that I'm not a trained IT professional but I play one at work.*
When the "support" staff cannot understand the foreign accent or the subject of the call, it MUST be IT related so the call is put through to me.
About twice a year I get a call from an Indian call center "taking a survey on our computer and network hardware" to which I reply, "for reasons of security, we do not give out that information", whereupon the indian woman on the end of the line starts getting pushy, to which my reply is, "click".
I got a call the other day from some "kid" wanting to know who the "president of the company" was.
"what is the nature of this call?"
"My boss told me to call and find out who the president of the company was"
mumble, mumble, something about a luncheon presentation next Thursday**
"And what is the subject of this luncheon?"
"My boss told me to call and find out who the president of the company was"
"you are not answering my questions and you are wasting my time."

I was called at work by the 2nd Amendment foundation again for a donation a few days ago. I never give my credit card info over the phone. I told the guy I'd make a donation online. he said, "I'll give you till Thursday"**.
Second time in a row the 2nd Amendment telemarketers have gotten snarky with me.
I decided not to donate.
Now it's a toss up between writing an ass burning email to the 2A foundation, or just letting my membership lapse and gleefully hanging up on the next caller.

When I was young, I used to feel bad about telling telemarketers "no" and found it difficult to extricate myself from the conversation.  I was nicer then.  I have damn little time, energy or patience  left for bullshit anymore.  What is heard on the other end of the line these days is my fading, "no thanks, not interested" as the hand set leaves my ear on its way back into the cradle.


*   Architect by day, IT McGuyver by night..and weekends...and the wee hours of the morn.  Also "help desk". "Is the surge protector turned on?".  "" "k, turn that on, then push the power button on the computer again." "oh! there it goes!, thanks so much!" ***"Please tell me you aren't registered to vote."
** what is it with Thursdays?"
*** footnoting my footnotes - not a good sign.  That was from an actual computer help conversation...except for the last line.

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  1. Their reactions are even more cantankerous if you tell them not to call back.
    The Local dealership where i bought the silver bullet van 6 years ago cold called me about service. I told them that I was busy. I received an email two nights ago reminding me about my oil change service. Called them up complained and cancelled the appointment.
    The service rep seemed annoyed with the appointment. Apparently this is happening to them alot. Screws them up because it books up their time slots.


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