Saturday, April 26, 2014

Shell eco-marathon

Ah, hell nah. Not that kind of marathon.
You see me running, you'd best turn and run the same direction. It means something big, mean and nasty is chasing me.
This is Shell Oil's annual hyper-mileage concept car event.  My soon to graduate mechanical engineer son is part of his college's team in the event.
The build on the car has taken 9 months and every spare second the participants had to give.
It has been touch and go over the past two weeks for them to finish the project, including a flame out in a three phase motor controller built from scratch 36 hours before go time.
The electronics group was still fussing with the contoller when I rolled up.
None of the team has slept much in the last 24 hours.
While I was there, they got it running, so I got to see a run on the test track.
Carbon fiber body design and build by the one and only Sonnage.


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