Saturday, April 19, 2014

Yes, it's still alive

Been quite busy. I'd had enough. Recoil therapy was in order, so off to the range with Belle, WWII Russian rifles in tow.
Sighted in the cheapo scope on my Mosin. Belle ran rounds through her Tokorev.  I feel better. I really must do this more often.


  1. How did the scope mounts hold up on the Mosin?

    Glad to see someone is getting is some recoil therapy. I need some but don't see a chance for a coupe of weeks.

    1. While cleaning I discovered the mount had loosened.
      this mount has a front and back set screw. the front screw backed out a bit - needs some lock-tite.
      Windage held just fine. elevation held while shooting as well in spite of the creeping front set screw, which tells me the greatest impact to the mount from recoil is at the front of the mount....which elicits a "well, duh" thought.

  2. The Zen of Shooting. Goes a long way towards soothing the savage beast.

  3. I did that a few weeks ago at the Wed Night Tac Class


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