Monday, September 22, 2014


Work associate was talking to me at the end of the day today about his .45 and how spendy it was to shoot.
That and how the slide burned a hole in his left thumb due to his propensity to point it upwards when gripping his pistol.
"Check some of the online ammo retailers."
"Adjust your grip, lay your left thumb out level below the slide."
Problem solved.

Out of curiosity, I went to a couple of online ammo retailers to look at .45 ACP prices.**
The best I saw was about 41 cents a round.

Since Belle is jonesing for her perty little .380 now, I thought I'd check ammo prices for that.
Thirty-nine?!?  Thirty-nine cents a round?  For a gun that's makes the pew-pew! noise?

So much for the economy of scale.  We've been a 9mm household for quite some time now. Well, 9mm and 7.62x54R.  Simple and easy to remember. And, less expensive to boot.

Not for much longer.

** Memories of Borepatch's .45 that whispered sweet nothings in my ear some time ago surfaced in the recent past.  I found myself wistfully perusing gun sites for 1911s not long thereafter.
I sat down, gritted my teeth and gave myself a good talking to.  That time, I escaped unscathed.


  1. It's not economies of scale, it's supply and demand!

    1. I do truly get the supply and demand thing.
      The economy of scale is the few calibers I had to buy in bulk.
      Belle might have to give up her pedicures. ;)

  2. I have a bitty .380. She is expensive to feed and not a fun shooter.
    I added the Shield in 9 and love it all the way around. She just got new ameriglo's put on her.
    Has Belle looked at the 938? This may be a viable option for that particular look in 9mm.

    1. She had a Shield and did not like it. Traded it with some cash for a 9mm glock to the boys at Shiloh. She did not like that after a while and fell in love with this little .380.
      After giving her the hairy eyeball and explaining the concept of depreciation and cash flow, I'll be taking possession of the glock and the .380 will be her Christmas present.

  3. This is why I reload for my wife's .380 pistol.
    1k rounds for about 100 bucks.

  4. +1 on reloading.

    It can even lead to worse hobbies like casting bullets from old wheel weights!


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