Sunday, September 21, 2014

Range date and my next love...

Last week, KX and I went to the gun range and this sweet little lady caught my eye....

A Sig Sauer P238 with pink pearl grips....    sighs..

Normally I detest pink on a firearm, but this little baby is just fine looking.

I have grown very lax about carrying, in the summer.  My Springfield is just too bulky for summer clothing so I've been debating on alternatives.

That little beauty will do just fine.

Today we went to the range and I was able to fire one that they had for rental (didn't get charged the rental fee).  I have to say that I was very accurate with it.

The trigger is very nice on it and the action was very smooth and well...  all around I just loved it.

The size is perfect for summer concealment and I don't even mind the pink pearl grips!

Only sad thing is that I will have to wait until at least November to get it.. but it's all good.. that's not too far away.

Until then.. she can just pine away for me and I for her.....    sighs....................


  1. Replies
    1. That she is... usually I HATE pink on a firearm... but... I love that one.

  2. Saw your pretty little thang at Shiloh this weekend! Almost took her home!


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