Friday, June 26, 2015

Gay Marriage Ruling

Between this and the obummercare ruling, it's rather clear to me that Justice Roberts is either a mental case or "somebody" has some serious dirt on this guy.

Personally, I do not care if Gays want to get married.  I really want them to achieve the full rights and experience of Marriage.

Be careful what you wish for.

Where before if you broke up with your significant other, you packed up your shit and moved on, those legal papers issued by the STATE, are going to make that process a wee bit more complicated.*

I can guarantee you that scabbed knee divorce attorneys are clinking martini glasses with top shelf vodka in celebration of this Supreme Court Ruling.

* I've been through divorce twice, so has the Lovely Belle.  Marriage in the heterosexual community, statistically is a 50/50 proposition as to longevity on average.  I'm willing to bet that coin toss is going to far lower in the Gay Community.  Cheers!


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