Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More on the Superbowl..

Okay, so I was lazy yesterday and didn't post any more on the Superbowl.

The Big Guy was kind enough to post a comment about his take on the Star Spangled Banner and I have to say that he hit the nail on the head!  Thanks TBG!

More on the Star Spangled Banner.....

First off, I can forgive Christina Aguilara getting mixed up with the verses because if you think about it, though she's a professional, the Superbowl is the largest audience that the girl will ever sing in front of again.  It's a huge moment in one's career, so I can imagine that she might have been a little nervous.  I stand by my earlier post about singing all the extra notes though.

Instead of complaining about it, I'm going to offer a suggestion in hopes that someone that works for the NFL or knows someone who works for them might come across this, but I have an idea that would be excellent PR for the NFL, not to mention it would be a good way for Football to give back to the community that pays their bills.

What about, for the Star Spangled banner you take the local (to where the Superbowl is being held, this year it would have been Texas) State High School Choir and/or State High School Band to do the National Anthem before the game?  I mean it would guarantee to please everyone as the song would be sung/played the way that it was written AND it would save the NFL some big bucks as all they would have to pay for is the airfare, hotel, food and a nice donation to the State Choir/Band association, AND a lot of kids would get to see the Superbowl for free!

I think that America would be touched to see high school students singing and/or playing the Star Spangled Banner rather than risking some idiot pop star screwing it up!

Okay, enough about that....   the game was a decent game, was glad that Green Bay won, I can not cheer for Pittsburgh out of principle (thinking of the Oilers/Steelers rivalry of my childhood), the half time show?  Well, I like the Blackeyed Peas okay but honestly?  They sucked the big one.  The lighting effects were cool though and I enjoyed Slash.


The best were, in no particular order....

Doritos resurrect Grandpa
Little Darth Vader
Jogger gets canned by jealous wife
Studmuffin wannabe gets canned twice by geek launching cans from cooler
and of course
Wild West Cowboy orders Budweiser and signs Tiny Dancer

It was an interesting Superbowl.  I can only hope for better next year.

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