Friday, April 1, 2011

Movie Review

We rarely go to the Movie Theater to see a film. It's gotten rather expensive, and If I have little else, I do have the patience of water.

Belle mentioned that Black Swan was on pay per view ($4.99). Having the most basic of cable TV, and a penchant for Natalie Portman, I agreed we should watch the movie.

The disclaimer:

If you saw "The Piano", or "Brazil" (many years ago) and did not like either, you won't appeciate this movie. Actually, you'll switch over to "Swamp People" in a heartbeat, cussing the five bucks you just wasted. I'm not diss'ing anyone, Swamp People is one of my go to shows on cable right now.

The actual review part:

Ultimately, Black Swan is about a slip into psychosis. The cinemaphotography is outstanding. In all respects the movie was done very well. It is one of those movies I will watch again. Not because it was a great thrill ride, but because after it was over, I said to myself...what? , I suspect there were nuances I missed.

The progressive message:

However, there is an undercurrent in the movie that runs strong. In simplistic terms, it says that sexual repression (oh!, and striving for a life long goal) leads to psychosis. (So, don't work so hard.) Natalie's character does not fantasize about a rugged handsome man, but rather about a competing female dancer. So to spell it out, if you are female and represssing sexual feelings about other females, it will make you crazy.

Well, that summation was a bit kludgey, but I didn't want to spill the whole plot in case anyone is inclined to watch the movie.

Like "The Piano", "Black Swan" is a disturbing movie. Before my 24 hour pay per view fee runs out, I'll probably watch again.

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