Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Way It Should Be

What a wonderful morning of sunburn and leg muscle soreness it is!  We spent the whole day at Sea World yesterday and what a day it was.

One thing that took me back a little was that before they open the gates to start letting people in, they silence the crowd and point everyone in the direction of the US Flag and play the National Anthem.  I was surprised and pleased.

San Antonio has a couple of military bases near by and so I figured that was why (saw lots of airmen there yesterday) so I asked the security guard checking our bags before going in, "Does every Sea World play the Star Spangled Banner before they open?"

His reply was a big smile and simply, "Yes ma'am, every one."

I really like that.

I do have to say that places like Sea World, while they make a load of cash off of the animals, etc., they do raise awareness of sea mammals and the more that we learn about these amazing animals, the better off the animals are in the wild.  I don't think that it's any accident that since these types of parks and shows started opening up that awareness and concerns have been raised about the welfare of those mammals in the wild.

It was an amazing day and I will post photos when we get back home.  Scooter and I enjoyed ourselves and Scooter will remember her experience for a life time.  (she got to pet a dolphin)

Today is our last day here.  I'm waiting on Scooter and Kx59 to wake up and then we'll go get some breakfast and go for a walk to down the river a ways and go explore La Villita de San Antonio.


  1. I was doing something or other, and Belle poked me and gave me the heads up. Off came my cap and my hand went over my heart.
    There was a high school band there in line behind us, all wearing their red band t-shirts. Most of them were like, whatever...
    But, there was a small contingent, perhaps 5 or 6 that actually sang the Anthem.
    The other thing I saw that made me smile was two of the young males from the band sort of wound their way up into the line immediately upon arrival. They apparently thought they were smarter then everyone else, heh. A youngish, well younger than me, Black Female security officer rolled up on them. She only had to give a quarter eyeroll before the retreated to the back third of the band group. I do believe she pointed her finger at one point, but I can't be sure.


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