Thursday, January 31, 2013

Headed home from Nashville

What a conundrum.  I love live music, but my ears just can't stand the volume anymore. I've got projects in two great music venues, Austin being the other, and I'm reticent to take in the up and coming bands for fear of further hearing loss.
I may just have to suck it up and pack some of our squishy 3M in ear plugs.
- feel like a dork wearing them at a concert, but ya gots ta do whats ya gots ta do.

Live from the Nashville airport


  1. You definitely do, otherwise you'll be wearing hearing aids. I've got a pair of Etymotic's ER20 earplugs. They work really well, and I even wear them under my shooting earmuffs, just in case.

  2. EtymotIc? I'll have to look into those. I always double up on ears when shooting.
    But, I fear hearing aids are in my not to distant future anyway.

  3. Go with earplugs. If it is a regular activity get some custom molded ones. You will be much more comfortable.


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