Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Proper Sequences

For a Wodka Tonic

My adult beverage had run dry and I was in the kitchen looking into my empty glass.
Belle, being always on point and aware, started handing me parts to assemble a reload, but they were coming out of sequence.

I politely explained the lime gets squeezed first.
Then the Wodka to ensure I don't get too much get a sufficient amount and to mix the lime sufficiently with the Wodka.
Then the tonic.
Then the ice...being the least important component.
If the tonic is chilled, the ice can be omitted under dire circumstances. I recommend a gas generator and under-counter fridge for the prepper minded.
If you have the KW on your generator, sparking up the freezer to deep chill the Wodka is a bonus but not completely necessary.

Oh, and as my last public service announcement today, wash your hands so you don't get et up with the Ebola.


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