Sunday, October 5, 2014


Well, not really. Just took the whole weekend off. First time in quite a while.
I feel...human again.

Friday, Belle and I went to the Alamo Drafthouse for dinner and a movie.  We saw Denzel's new flik, "The Equalizer".  If you like improbable movies where one good guy takes out many bad guys, you'll like this one just fine.  The pain of paying for movie tickets was mitigated by a few hoppy beverages and a bacon burger.

Saturday, the man child came over to borrow the driveway for an oil change and hung around pretty much all day.  That was rejuvenating in and of itself.  It's nice to have the brood off the BAR payroll, out on their own and independent, but I miss them terribly.

Sunday, the Musical Daughter and her S.O. spent the day with us. We went out to lunch and then paid a visit to our favorite indoor pistol range.  Daughter is very comfortable with handguns now.  Her Beau had not shot anything in a decade, so I gave him some remedial tutelage.  He did just fine.  No gun safety gaffs, loaded his own mags and 99% of his bullet holes were in the paper.

Did I say "Musical Daughter"?  All those years beating drums in school, I'd no idea she could sing.
That's her, the percussionist singing backup...harmony no less.

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