Thursday, October 9, 2014

Wish me luck

Belle is trying to quit smoking again.  Good on her, but I'm concerned about my survival.
Nicotine withdrawal tends to make people a wee bit testy.
She's not going cold turkey though. She's got an electronic hooker, no, wait...electronic hookah for nicotine delivery that's she's using to ease down off the addiction.

Wish her well. Say a prayer for me.


  1. Good luck! I tried the patches but they were too hard to light =)

  2. Oh man I feel for ya, I've tried quitting several times but it always turns me into a raging marrooon.

  3. Good Luck and for god's sake, keep your head down!

  4. Um, don't you have a business trip or something?

  5. Best wishes to her. I gave up the weed 8 years ago next month. A "mild" heart attack talked me into it. It was tough but I went cold turkey after, VERY BRIEFLY, trying Chantix (that is some foul stuff!)

    I was grumpy for a while but it passes.

    1. Belle did the Chantix twice before. On the second go 'round she started to experience some of bad side effects listed in the fine print, so a third go at that was out of the question.

  6. KX59,

    I'll be saying a prayer for your safety and for the withdrawal to be quick, merciful and permanent.
    That being said, having gone through my bride trying to kick the habit; please be aware that I'll offer refuge to you at Bunker BS if you need it.

    Bob S.

  7. As much as I love you guys, it would behoove you to take residence in a hotel for about a month!
    Rumor is nicotine is more difficult to kick psychologically than heroin!
    Maybe Belle should get a room - less damage to the home (?)


  8. I'm within long range walking distance if it comes to that.


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