Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Opiate of the Masses

Random thought.
Take away their guns.
Legalize Weed.



  1. Yeah, you haven't been here to see how wrong you are. Basically everyone who doesn't want weed (everywhere but denver and boulder) is prohibiting it--or at least the dispensaries--with city ordinances, and everyone who does want guns (everywhere but denver and boulder) is ignoring the laws.

    1. I did not realize i was trying to be "right". ;)
      And, that was not a condemnation of the good citizens of Colorado.
      It was a fleeting and tenuous thought about what your rat bastard politicians are doing to your State.
      We have them too. As a matter of fact we have Lebesion Mayor going all East German Stazi issuing subpoenas for church sermons that mention anything to do with "Gay".


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