Saturday, November 22, 2014


Stragedy is not the same as Strategy.
I've been watching this lynch mob petri dish* since the "Gentle Giant" Michael Brown crushed Darren Wilson's orbital socket and got himself ventilated.

The stragedy here seems to be to delay, and delay some more, the Grand Jury's verdict until it gets too effing cold for even rabid out of state trust fund socialists and gang bangers to want to participate in riots peaceful demonstrations.

We wait and watch.

* Courtesy of your Federal Gubmint interfering in what should be a local and state criminal investigation and prosecution.
We don't get this kind of shit down here because Houston is too decentralized and the city proper encompasses 627 square miles. The whole metro-plex area is more than double that.
Tough to get riot mob critical mass.
The closest we've had is a Latino Bar fight spilling out into the parking lot.  Also, most of us are well armed.


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