Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Oh goody! another intertubes test to splain to me what I am

Found via that hippie moderate, Borepatch.
snick, snort, heh, bwahahahaha! Damn, almost said that with straight face.

According to this totally sciency test, I am:

Nope sport, I'm just from Texas.
(fucking youtube adds!)
Ray Wylie Hubbard sums it up succinctly.


  1. Right-Leaning Anarchist Non-Interventionist Nativist Traditionalist, as I said over there. And I don't even need the "We're from Texas" part, and I don't think you do either.

  2. I was designated a right-leaning libertarian isolationist nationalist reactionary!
    Consider yourself lucky!
    I suspect Time, Inc. prepared the test...


    1. Reactionaries Unite!
      wtf does that mean anyway?
      The isolationist part I get, "GTF off my Lawn!)
      Conservative + Libertarian seems rather contradictory.


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