Tuesday, February 17, 2015

All Your Security aRe OuRs

Kaspersky*, the computer security folks, have unearthed "The Equation Group".  This group is apparently so good at writing malware that it cannot be erased by reformatting the hard drive.

I'm posting this mostly to give the ever 'puter security savey Borepatch a heads up so he can 'splain what this truly means to highly educated and licensed rednecks like me.

After reading the article, plan "A" for the BAR Corp HQ infrastructure is to store the family vacay pics on an off network storage device, buy some spare hard drives and keep the Ubuntu install USB drive handy.

All dumbassery** aside, the Equation Group periodically filters down spy tools to lesser mortals like the guys that created Stuxnet.  Stuxnet was no kiddy script. This was the malware used to disrupt the Iranian Iranian Nuclear program.  Eventually, this is going to get down to flannel shirt and stretch pants wearing parent's basement living malcontent-ed hackers.

There was some quote attributed to the Rothschilds long ago, something to the effect of, "give me control of your currency, and I will control your country."

That has been trumped. "Currency" has been replaced, for the most part, by numbers in computers.  If you have control over the correct computers, and need more money, just add a few zeros to the balance.

Ah, I remember the internet. I really enjoyed it. Between these Equation folks and the FCC deciding they need total control over the internet, fax machines and paper are looking pretty good again.

* Kaspersky Lab and their virus and malware proteciton software is highly spoken of by the outsource IT folks I've used over the years.  However, Kaspersky is Ruski.  Edward Snowden, of NSA whistleblower fame, is currently in Russia.  The bit trail of this "discovery" is pointing towards the NSA.

** I learned that word from my Uncle Jay.

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