Thursday, February 12, 2015

Well, it certainly wasn't me

There's a 67% chance someone will win the power ball jackpot tonight.
Posted yesterday 2/11/15

Interesting site I ran across this evening. I just love statistics and  graphs and charts and data 'n stuff.
Fermentation Infermation rools!

Turns out 3 someones won the $546 million jackpot.

On occasion, I will buy a lotto or powerball ticket*. I don't have any magic numbers I pick so for me to win would require a double lightning strike.  One, I'd have to randomly buy a ticket. Two, the quick pick numbers would have to match the numbers that come up, against a bazillion odds.

I'm not greedy. $546 million isn't necessary. If I could net 2 or 3 million, I'd be good to go.

*I've decided there are no gambling neurons in my brain whatsoever. I've been to Monte Carlo, Las Vegas, and a cheesy Indian reservation casino and gambling bores me to tears.  Apparently the vicarious thrill pro sports neurons are normally in close proximity to the gambling neurons as well, as I could give a shit about pro sports. Period.
College sports...nope not there either.

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