Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Wodka When I was a child

I can remember when I was a wee kx59 listening on the AM car radio to the news reports on the trip down to Galveston about the leeegal ranglings over legalizing that  "EVIIIIL" liquor by the drink.
In the early sixties, you had to bring your own bottle to the pool hall or "lounge". The proprietors were prohibited from serving you anything other than the "set ups".

Our local Vietnamese boat person small business owner and success story, owner of the closest liquor store to the BAR Corp. Hq. pitched a Vodka to the Lovely Belle that we had not heard of before.

Belle, ascribing to the scientific axiom that sample size will defeat margin of error, uhm,  bought a rather LARGE bottle.

This evening I have sampled the test specimen and give it two thumbs up.

I am a big fan of Tito's, distilled in Austin.

Space City Vodka happens to be distilled in my home county*.  It is very good, and very smooth Vodka.

*I'm going to have to find out if they give tours....and free samples.  I'm pretty sure I could drive that far home.


  1. Well, ok then, either Tito's has been bought by Whitney's or expanded south.
    Either way, they are both outstanding Vodkas.

  2. Thanks for the idea of honorary Texas citizenship for me kx59 :)

    I might have to take you up on that! Someday I hope to visit some of the southern states other than Fl and Az!

    All the best


  3. Space City vodka you say? I'll keep an eye out for it in the great white north! Might take some time before it gets here... until it does, I'll just enjoy another Texas "import" - Shiner.


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