Sunday, January 24, 2016


I flew into DC Wednesday night this past week.  It was snowing when the plane landed.
I had been keeping tabs on the weather as always and knew a big snow storm was expected.  Knowing that only meteorologists and economists can keep their jobs being wrong 90% of the time, I was concerned I might find myself grounded in DC for the weekend.
It snowed 1 inch in DC Wednesday.  People were stranded on roads and highways for 6 hours.
It perplexes me that DC has no better snow abatement capabilities than say Atlanta, or Houston.*

Thursday I awoke to clear skies, did my meetings and booked it back to the BAR Corp HQ.

Belle and I have been watching the weather channel off and on over the weekend monitoring the situation.
While the weather channel has named this purportedly record setting winter storm, it appears it was largely an inconvenience, or a day off from work / school.
I read somewhere, that in Wisconsin, they referred to it as "Friday".
From what I've seen, snowmen, snowball fights and sledding were the pastimes of choice to while away the time.

I have heard El Nino in reference to this storm but not Global Worming Climate Change.  Perhaps all the gas has been let out of that bag finally.**

* In 1989, two inches of snow accumulation in Houston which remained for 4 days resulted in 1450 auto accidents over the 48 hour period of Saturday and Sunday.  We don't do snow and ice down here well.

** Remember the ozone hole and CFCs for which we all gave up the more efficient R22 freon many years ago?
The Ozone hole is still there.  For all we know, the ozone hole has been there for the entire lifetime of the earth's atmosphere. It wasn't discovered until the advent of satellites.   But it was an emergency once discovered and obviously due to man's misbehavior.  CFCs being heavier than air tend to settle to the ground. I've not seen any cogent explanation of how they got all the way up there to blow a hole in the ozone layer.


  1. Last week it seemed exactly like Atlanta - 1" shutting things down. Then we got 2 feet - not at all like Atlanta. Neighborhood roads still not plowed. :-(

  2. Remember when acid rain was the threat? pantyhose melting off your legs, cars being eaten down to the frame?


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