Friday, January 1, 2016

The Air in Texas Has The Scent of Freedom!!!

Today in The Lone Star State, Open Carry has become legal for those of us who have a license to conceal carry.

My views on whether or not one SHOULD open carry vary.  Personally I don't believe that it's a good idea, at least not for me but it's really nice to know that now I can carry OUTSIDE the waistband and not have to wear frumpy clothing to conceal my pistol.

I will admit that I have not been carrying very often for the past couple of years.  Mainly because of the clothing issue, but also, even with Lady (Sig P238) in my flash bang holster, it's not very comfortable to carry in the summer time.*

That being said, today I found my belt, and my Quantum holster from Dragon Leatherworks, reversed the clips so that I can carry OWB and strapped my beloved Alexa (Springfield XDm Compact 9mm) to my hip, put on a jacket an off I went to the store.

What is great about open carry is that I didn't have to worry about the wind blowing open my jacket or if I reached for something in the store my gun showing.  So now I will more diligently carry my best girl even in the summer when I can throw on a light button down shirt over my tank top.

All that being said....    on my way out of the store, sure enough a gust of wind blew open my jacket just as I was passing by a guy going into the store.   His eyes grew big as saucers and then he smiled a HUGE freedom loving smile....    I said to him, "The land of the free!"   His response was simply..... "Amen!"

Range day will be on Tuesdays after my piano lessons I think.  I am feeling good today and ready to get back to my old shootygoodness self.

Happy New Year everyone!


*  Most women know that even wearing a bra in the summer time makes you sweat under the boobage, I found adding a pistol to that does NOT help.  Just sayin.


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