Monday, January 25, 2016

What goes around, comes around

The thought has crossed my mind;  If you, as a business owner, are going restrict my right to carry in your establishment by your legal choice, you become responsible for my safety.

This is not law in Texas, and has not been tested in the courts here to my knowledge, but it seems ethically fair to me.

Tennessee State Senator, Dolores Gresham, apparently thinks along the same lines.

I can, in my mind's eye, see the harrah! in hoplophobe's eyes everywhere across this great land.  The price of their Starsuck's double grande mocha capuccino latte with a lemon twist is about to go up to cover the cost of off duty cops providing security.


Not sure who the douche nozzle was that posted the pic with the article in the link above, but this is not a proper way to concealed carry.  Unless your goal is to create a new 9mm pathway down your thigh.

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