Wednesday, December 21, 2011

BOI + Blizzard = LTS

Both my parents were BOI.
It's how native Galvestonians vet one another. Born on Island.  Galveston. Before the 1900 Hurricane it's dimensions were roughly 33 x 3 x 3. Thirty-three miles long. Three miles wide. Three feet above sea level.

There's been quite a Blizzard in New Mexico recently.
I drove in a Blizzard near Breckenridge, CO some 22 years ago.  I managed to pull off a 4 wheel drift at 5 miles an hour. Fortunately, I purchased the rental car insurance.

LTS = Life Threatening Situation.

It's simple math...really.

With the exception of my brethren up in the Panhandle perhaps, Texans have no fucking idea how to drive ice and snow.
The year my daughter was born, 1989, we had snow and ice. A whopping 2 to 4 inches. it stayed on the ground for 4 days. Within the  48 hours that transpired over the weekend, we had something like 1,450 vehicular accidents within the city limits of Houston.
I offer this as a Public Service Announcement. If the forecast predicts snow, ice or even sleet. Route around the The Lone Star State.



  1. I always like hearing about how normally rational people turn into delusional psychopaths the first second snow falls somewhere it usually isn't.


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