Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Songs

Well, I am going to post up a few of my favorite Christmas songs......

This first one, is a Texas obligatory song posting.  Robert Earl Keene is a wonderful songwriter and the best thing about him is that he really doesn't take himself very seriously.  He and Lyle Lovett were roommates at Texas A&M.

This is Merry Christmas from the Family

Another favorite song of mine is Santa Baby, this is Marilyn Monroe's version.

UPDATED:  Thanks to an unknown person in comments, this version is NOT Marilyn Monroe but Eartha Kit.  Someone on You Tube titled it wrong and gave Marilyn the credit for it.

Sorry no Marilyn actually in the video itself, but she really could sing.

And now we have Dolly Parton's Hard Candy Christmas.  Talk about a voice!  Dolly is probably my favorite female vocalist.

Here is another song by Lynn Anderson (hit song I never Promised You a Rose Garden) this song is called Ding a Ling The Christmas Bell.  It's great little song and it comes from my childhood. My folks had her Christmas Album.

While there are a gazillion wonderful Christmas Carols out there, I think that my favorite Christmas song of all time would have to be The Little Drummer Boy.  That sound moves me to tears every time I hear it. 

As you all know, the song is about a little boy who travels with a caravan to go and see the baby, Jesus in Bethlehem.  The boy is poor and hasn't anything to give, but the gift of his own talent so he plays for him.

I have chosen Johnny Cash's version from his Christmas Album way back when.  Cash doesn't have the best voice in the world, however, my dad liked him and my folks had (which I still have it) this album when I was little and it was the first version that I heard.

This version is a very simple version of the song and it's a good reflection on the song, which represents simplicity itself is sometimes the best gift of all.

I'll post up some more traditional Christmas Hymns later; however I thought these would be a good start.


  1. Growing up in the 50's/60's I'm a big MM fan! She could sing, dance, and act, much better than she was ever given credit for.

  2. Very true and she was extremely bright. Such a tragic figure though in all her fame and fortune yet a very lonely person. So sad.

    She was beautiful though and she has that timeless look that today's stars dream they could have.

  3. I like em all except Santa Baby... that one just makes me want to do experiments on the radiobox. Like, "What is the highest point that I can drop it from?" or "How many times can I hit it with a baseball bat before my arms get tired?"

  4. "Another favorite song of mine is Santa Baby, this is Marilyn Monroe's version."

    This version is Eartha Kitt.

    The version oft-credited to Marilyn is actress, singer, Cynthia Basinet

    Find her on itunes:

    "Hurry toonite"


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