Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Not the first war that's been started on this day

Today is our Wedding Anniversary, December 7.  Also, Pearl Harbor day.
 13 years this go around. We've both been married twice before. Belle told me long ago, "don't ever do anything to make me have to kill you.  The only divorce this time will be litigated by the legal firm of Smith & Wesson."
Well Ok then. Yes M'am.
Typically we do a big Anniversary Dinner at an expensive restaurant with some close friends. Belle saw me putting greasy nose prints on the Kindle Fire she got me for a belated Birthday and Anniversary gift.  She decided we should forego the 'spensive vittles cuz she wanted a Kindle Fire too.
It arrived yesterday.
I may be self absorbed and slow, but I'm not stupid.
I have enough orifices as it is.

Happy Anniversary Sweetpea!


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