Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last post of the evening

Another whatzit. I put the odds on the ladies getting this one right first. I disqualify myself because Belle told me what it is.  Jon popped my bubble inside of 38 minutes on the last one. If he gets this one I'm going to give up on this meme.
What is it?


  1. Its a hook for holding a lady's purse. The purse strap goes on the curly part and the square part goes on the edge of a table. Intent is to keep the purse from laying on the floor.


  2. I was going to say 9mm from the size of the holes in the back ground.

    Oh the thing sitting on top.

    I'm with Paladin.

  3. Paladin got it.
    Ha! Teke, you so funny!
    You can tell who the married guys are...


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