Friday, December 9, 2011

Grrrrhg Arrrrhg

No, Really!...Grrrhg AAARRRGH
I watched what was apparently the last episode of Firefly season one available on Amazon Prime tonight.
So I'm reaching out to my brethren and sisters out there. Is there a box set of DVDs available?
I'm not going to search Amazon..right now.  Modesty forbids, but I've had a bit of the hops and a bit of the grape (only because the hops ran out).
I'm thinking my adult childrens need to find this for me, for Christmas. I note this because I know the capable and newly adult One and Only Son reads the BAR blog.
Pointers from the blogosphere are appreciated.


  1. Oh you and your fancy internet box machine. OF COURSE there's a DVD box set! It's how most of us came to know and love Firefly to begin with! And now you can pick it up for a damn sight less than what I got it for way back when. The wonders of economies of scale...

    And don't forget to watch Serenity (the movie) as well--though I always thought that Serenity felt more like a TV show than the TV show did, but it's still good.

  2. What Bluesun said! You NEED to watch them in the correct order instead of how Fox showed them!

    Big Damn Heroes indeed. Let me know when you get to that one!

  3. Now you need to check out Farscape.

    You're welcome.

  4. Oh, again what Borepatch said!

  5. farscape you say..
    Have to check that out
    I suspect Bluesun is a 90 year old man reincarnated in a 23year old body. Internet machine...indeed
    crusty beyond his years he is.

  6. don't forget to watch Serenity, the movie now that you've seen all the episodes.

  7. I think I have two episodes left - I'm rationing. They require a perfect evening of total non-business and the right beer. Too enjoyable to allow distractions to interfere.


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