Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cold Weather blogging

Eating chicken wings and blogging are mutually exclusive activities.
We are having winter down here..or something.  It's like 36 degrees outside. (what dyslexic moron ordered this?  It was clearly written on the work order..sixty-three, sixty-three...six..three!)
Cold weather and snow rock...if you are in Colorado..on a ski trip..in Telluride.  Otherwise..it sucks.
It's frigging cold. I'm suing the Warmists at the Climate Research Unit for fraud and false advertising.  Lying Bastids.


  1. The cold white stuff has been chasing me...
    Woke up in Bridgeport TX to snow on Monday. Drove most of the day (except for one conference call spent in a rest area in Oklahoma) in cold and wet.
    Spent the night in north of Springfield MO; had to scrape snow off the windshield, doors and back window before leaving this morning.

    Temp never got above freezing all day today, so I had blowing snow and sleet to contend with, in addition to entitled truck drivers who think they own the ferschluggener interstate and idjits that were so scared of the freezing precip that they were having trouble keeping their speed north of 40 mph.

    I'm outside of Chicago- knowing that I will wake up to a large Dodge Charger-shaped marshmallow that will need to be scraped with a credit card before I can rumble off into The Windy City tomorrow.

    &%#*@! Glowbull warmening.


  2. Somehow I knew you say that...

  3. we've been enjoying 50 and even low 60's over the past week here in NJ, but it would appear that is going to end soon as I see a high of 36 for Saturday... hope it improves for you guys, enjoy the wings.

  4. It was TWENTY SOMETHING degrees this morning. This is central Tx, damnit. We are supposed to wear shorts on Christmas.


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