Monday, December 12, 2011

Overheard at the Nutcracker.....

On Saturday afternoon, Scooter and I got all dressed up and went to go see The Nutcracker.  She looked all lady like in her red and black dress.  She really enjoyed the show and at intermission, I had prepaid our refreshments and she was treated to hot chocolate and cookies and I had a glass of red wine.

After we went back to our seats and the second half of the show commenced this would have been overheard but thankfully she, at 5, knows that whispering is what you do at the ballet.

Scooter:  Nana, I farted.
Me:   Yes, I can smell that!

Boy could I ever smell that and I'm sure that those around us probably did as well and they probably thought that it was me because surely nothing THAT rancid could possibly come from something so small and cute!

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