Thursday, December 1, 2011

Memory Association

The mind is a terrible thing...
A thought of my younger brother popped into my head, no particular idea why. This lead to memories of the last time he, my Dad and I had gone down to the crik to pull the boat out of the water. Younger Bro and I sat up that night drinking beer and telling old stories. Remembering that made me smile, and then I recalled telling him about a video I'd seen regarding a certain burglar. By the time I got done telling the story we were both laughing so hard we were crying. It's an old video, but it still makes me laugh my ass off. This guy takes a serious amount of abuse, all self inflicted, which has a certain poetic justice to it.
The surveillance camera angles are so perfect, it couldn't have been shot better from a comedy standpoint if it had been scripted.

[edit]: Gravity sucks don't it?
[double edit]: the more times you watch this, the better it gets


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