Sunday, December 18, 2011

Feeling Patriotic

Yesterday, for whatever reason, I was feeling more love for my country than I normally do.  I think that in part, I am unbelievably worried about our country's future.   It was because of that worry that I began to listen to some of President Reagan's more memorable speeches.

Reagan came at a time when it didn't feel so good for many to be an American.  We had pulled out of Vietnam just 5 years prior, Carter had bumbled his way through the second worst Presidency in our Nation's history (at the time, he was the worst, guess who has topped him), inflation was unbelievably high as were interest rates and the unemployment rate.

I was in the 6th grade when Ronald Reagan took office, but I remember the day of his inauguration.  I remember how happy and proud he looked to be given the honor of doing the work of the people.

You see, when you go back and look at his speeches, you can see that not only was he simply delivering a speech, he was passionate about what he was saying.  He truly believed, with the conviction of a warrior, in what he was saying.  THAT is what made Reagan great.

 Reagan had grand ideas and he truly believed that we the people know what is best for us.  He truly believed in a limited government and that government gets its power from the governed.  Most importantly, President Reagan loved this country and believed that it was the greatest country in the history of mankind.  In every expression, in every word that he spoke, he reached out to us as a nation.  He made us believe that together, we could accomplish anything.  He, once again, made us proud to be Americans.

Growing up with Reagan as my President shaped who I am today.  It's that simple.  I was always fascinated with him and I was sorry to see him go.  Yesterday I posted up his farewell address and it's inspiring in that it shows just how much he loved this country.

What we need is someone who believes and who has the conviction to stand up for what he believes, just as Ronald Reagan believed.  We need someone who will unite us as a people once again, instead of dividing us. Unfortunately, there is no other like The Great Communicator and as far as I can tell, there likely isn't going to be another any time soon.

So here I sit loving my country, but pining for someone who lead us out of this mess that we're in.  I fear that it may take too long, so long that it may be too late.


  1. I agree, SB. What we have left to choose from feels sadly like a smorgasbord of consolation prizes. Some are simply RINO's and the ones that aren't have barely a prayer of being named the GOP candidate. Not a 'Reagan' in the bunch that I can see.

  2. Ron Paul

    Watch the Jay Leno clip

    Respectfully submitted,
    Kwikdraw.....Central Texas

  3. Thank you for commenting Kwikdraw and HossBoss.

    I love Ron Paul; however, I don't think that he's the right man for the job at this time. I don't think that he inspires enough people and scares too many of the faint of heart.

    His son, Rand; however is worth waiting for should he decide to run.


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