Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas morning.....

Well it's Christmas day and the house is clean and ready for the influx of family that's coming over for a home cooked meal.

We had no presents this morning as my better half didn't want anything and I couldn't think of anything to buy him other than a new truck and I thought better of it since after the initial shock I would get a firm, "What the hell are you thinking, woman!"

I refuse to buy a gun for him because I don't know what he wants and a gun is a very personal thing although he does want a Bushmaster ACR.

As for my Christmas gift? Well, it's waiting to be shipped. My CHL is in the 'manufacturing' stage, soon to be mailed and my Dragon Leatherworks holster is in the making and will ship January 19th.

I did get a gift card to Academy and so I will take that and buy myself a better range bag. The one I have is just a duffle bag that I got for free at an Astros game a few years back. It's not very sturdy so I need something a little better.

Life is good. Hubby is cooking the meal so I won't have to worry about all that, I can just enjoy my day and have a few adult beverages.

I want everyone to have a very Merry Christmas filled with many blessings.

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