Tuesday, December 6, 2011

TSA Keeping Us Safe............

Geez, this goes beyond nuts.

Apparantly there are three old ladies that have come forward claiming to have been stripped search by the TSA, on of which had her panties pulled down in a private room.  We've heard of the TSA making elderly folks remove their Depends/Adult Diapers, humiliting innocent elderly people just to keep us 'safe'.

I sure am glad to know that they are putting their best foot forward and using their common sense so that we can all be safe.

Good god. Benjamin Franklin once said, "Those who are willing to sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither."

What in the hell have we as a country allowed to happen to ourselves where our individual freedoms are so much under assult?

I am almost resigned to never fly if I can help it.  I don't want to be groped, prodded or treated like a criminal so that I can take a trip somewhere.  This is freaking insane.

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  1. I leave at Oh Dark 30 on Thursday for home. 14 and a half hours along I 20. And not a TSA agent in sight.

    My Mom loved coming out to see me, but hated flying.

    Speaking professionally, this is a massive mis-allocation of resources away from actual productive work identifying real threats, and towards intrusive, degrading, irrelevant busy work.

    The entire TSA should be fired. Personally, I blame the Texas Legislature, which wimped out from making their searches illegal in the state. I guess they don't realize that the proper defense against charges of "you're going to keep the TSA from protecting us" is "not by keeping them from strip searching Granny".

    Srlsy, so I have to do *everyone's* work? Come on, Texas Legislature, give us some of that "Don't Mess With Texas (Grannies)" stuff.


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