Monday, December 5, 2011


Firefly on the Kindle Fire.  I've seen a number of our blogbuds mention this series. How I never got hooked into it I have no Idea.  I watched the first episode this evening. I'm hooked. The best part is I have access to all of them on Amazon Prime. This little toy rocks. And, it is the ultimate anti-soap opera remedy for when Belle is catching up on her day time soaps on the DVR.
I've been saved. HoleyOleo!


  1. If you don't enjoy it at least a little bit, I no longer want to be your friend.

  2. Well then...

    Watch this-
    She don't like Firefly

    and after finishing the series, watch this:

  3. Shiny! I've been rationing episodes recently but let myself watch two last night. So much fun!


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