Thursday, December 8, 2011

Getting attacked by an Occupier...........

So, Miss Kitty was occupying the hubby's mousepad the other day and she decided to occupy my own mousing space yesterday while I was playing a game online.

She loves to look at the computer screen and had decided to take up residence in my mousing space and cover the pen and paper that I was using with her bulky physique.

I retrieved my pen and paper, which highly annoyed her but then when I took control of my mouse once again, she attacked my forearm.  Both sets of front claws and her teeth!

I thumped her hard on the nose, which caused her to let go and run off.  Later, she reappeared in the living room, sitting across the room giving me the stink eye.

Stupid bitchy cat.


  1. I have a cat giving me the stink eye right now.

    He has been given the cone of shame.

    He has some issue with his skin that when he gets a scratch it itches him and he will not stop scratching. in a day he can remove all fur under his neck from ear to ear.

    He is being treated with Neosporin for the wounds from claws, rubber claw covers, and the cone of shame. he is one ticked kitty.
    My wife thinks its mean that I laugh watching him try to maneuver with the cone. especially when trying to jump up on things and lands on his back.

  2. LOL... that sounds great. You MUST take pictures.

  3. Sounds suspiciously like my cat. I tell him "You're a very nice young man...when you're not being such a complete asshole."


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