Monday, December 19, 2011

Well this is not good

Okay, yesterday my gun talk radio show posted up on their facebook an article which apparently links an Eric Holder led FBI operation to the Oklahoma City bombing.

That's right.  Apparently, according to these sources, there was a sting operation set up much like Fast and Furious which resulted in the bombing.

Evidence was tampered with and a witness that could implicate those on high is dead.

I'm not sure of the truth of this because I can't verify the source but I'm hoping that some of my blog-buds who are much smarter than I am can pick up on this and dig in.

If this is true.........   I'm speechless..........   wow.

The two articles that were linked to both via facebook are here and well.......  the article on American Free Press is now missing........   hmmmm

UPDATE:  Kenneth Trentadue was an FBI Informant.


  1. True or not, the fact that we pretty much can believe anything crooked out from members of this administration is significant.

  2. I have been neglecting my weekly podcast listening.

    I guess I need to make sure I get that one.


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